From Errands to Playdates: Here’s Why Crocs are a Year-round Must-Have for Busy Families

by Major League Mommy
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Crocs have gained immense popularity amongst people of all ages due to their comfort and convenience. Their unique designs and wide variety of styles further contribute to their popularity. You know we love versatility!

Crocs were once the summer go-to shoe, but with so many options to choose from, Crocs have quickly become a year-round footwear option for busy families. Let’s further explore the benefits of Crocs and we’ll share some of our favorites to help you build your shopping list.

So let’s get to it!

Different Crocs for the family photo provided by: Major League Mommy
Photo credit: Major League Mommy

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Benefits of Crocs for Busy Families

One of the main benefits of Crocs for people of all ages is their convenience. During the summer season, kids often find themselves engaged in various activities such as playing at the beach or going to the pool. Crocs are the perfect footwear choice as they are water-friendly and quick-drying, making them ideal for water-based activities.

But Crocs also offers great versatility throughout the year! They are not only suited for summer but also for many sports and activities in any season.

Another benefit? The ease of putting them on and taking them off makes them a go-to option for kids who are always in a hurry. Parents no longer have to struggle with tying shoelaces or adjusting straps. With Crocs, kids can independently wear and remove their footwear which saves valuable time for parents and kids on the go. The lightweight design allows kids to move freely and enjoy their activities without any discomfort.

Crocs are suitable for playdates and running errands (yep, moms and dads, Crocs are for you too). Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or a visit to the park, Crocs are a comfortable and supportive shoe that you can pair with almost any outfit.

In addition to convenience and versatility, Crocs are also known for their durability. They are designed to withstand wear and tear, making them suitable for everyday use. This is especially beneficial for kids who are often running, jumping, and climbing in their shoes.

Crocs as a Fashion Statement

Teenagers in particular have embraced Crocs as a trendy fashion choice. The wide range of styles and colors available, allows them to express their personal style and pair these comfy shoes with many different outfits.

But whether you’re a toddler or a teenager (or an adult even), there’s a cozy and trendy pair of Crocs for everyone.

Must-Have Crocs for the Entire Family

We’ve included a wide variety of styles and colors of Crocs below. There are many options to choose from so you can trust that you’ll find a pair of Crocs fit for any season and for any family member.

Green Crush Crocs Boot
Crush Boot
  • Waterproof
  • Great for rain
  • Multiple colors available
Crocs Pink Stomp Lined Clog
Crocs Stomp Lined Clog
  • Fuzz-wrapped strap
  • Fuzzy lined interior
  • Multiple colors available
Pink Crocs Mega Crush Sandal
Classic Mega Crush Sandal
  • Perfect for the summer
  • Multiple colors available
Crocs Echo Boot product image
Crocs Echo Boot
  • Rubber sole
  • Great for winter
  • Multiple colors available
Crocs Stomp Lined Boot
Crocs Stomp Lined Boot
  • Faux fur lining
  • Great for winter
  • Multiple colors available
Crocs Black Mega Crush Sandal
Crocs Unisex Mega Crush Sandal
  • Customizable with charms
  • Two straps on the upper shoe, one backstrap
  • Multiple colors available
Lisa Frank Crocs
Crocs x Lisa Frank Clogs
  • Vibrant Lisa Frank design
  • Includes colorful Jibbitz charms
  • Water-friendly


Mega Crush Clogs In Retro Floral

Classic Disney Hocus Pocus Clog

Literide™ 360 Pacer Shoes

Wrapping Up

Crocs have become a year-round must-have for busy families due to their convenience, versatility, and durability. They provide comfort and support for individuals of all ages during various activities throughout the year and they’ve also become a fun way to add some excitement to your outfit.

Are you a fan of Crocs? Which ones are your favorite and why? Feel free to share in the comments!

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