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Guest post submissions that do not include a specific topic or title idea in the pitch, WILL NOT be considered. Please note: Due to the volume of guest post submissions we receive, we will ONLY be responding if we are interested in moving forward with publication of your article. Please do not follow up on a guest post submission if you do not hear back from us.

APRIL 2024 UPDATE: We are ONLY accepting specific travel-related content and articles written by medical and/or legal professionals at this time. All other pitches WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED, so please do not send them in for review.

Major League Mommy Contributors: Be Our Guest!

Major League Mommy has a dedicated audience of Millennial Moms, but we create content for Moms of all ages and stages!

From powerful stories to the ultimate parenting hacks, we are committed to assisting our community of Moms along their journey. And we would love to have you join us! We are looking for fellow Mom bloggers who are also interested in growing their own blogs to help create content on Major League Mommy.

We want to change lives, and there is power in numbers! Will you join us?

*Please note: This is NOT a paid position. Guest authors and regular contributors will receive links back to their websites, a personal bio, and support for posts shared on their own blogs.

We are ONLY accepting blog posts on specific topics at this time. Please contact us using the form below to learn more about articles currently being accepted. You can also pitch a fresh idea but please keep in mind, there are no guarantees that your topic will be approved.

Submission Guidelines

-We only accept 100% unique content. Not published anywhere else. No “spun” or AI-generated content. This will be verified.

-Content must be at least 800 words.

-Guest posts should be valuable sources of information, and not simply an advertisement

-All posts should be formatted similar to ones already live on the site

-Articles must include a featured image and at least one other image in the article with photo source included 

-Articles that include additional visuals such as flowcharts, screenshots, and pinnable images have a higher chance of being approved.

-You can include up to 2 do follow links back to your personal website if applicable– this includes any links in your author bio. (You can link to other sources throughout the article to support the copy as needed). 

-You will be speaking to an audience of Moms primarily between the ages of 25-35.

-Moving forward, it is REQUIRED that all guest posts include details on the author. Please send over a brief author bio and (optional) headshot.

Reservation of Rights for Changes to Submitted Guest Articles

We value the contributions of guest writers to our platform and strive to maintain the quality and relevance of content shared on our website. In line with this commitment, we reserve the right to make changes to submitted guest articles for purposes such as clarity, accuracy, formatting, and alignment with our editorial guidelines.

These changes may include but are not limited to editing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, structure, style, and tone. We may also adjust images, headings, links, or any other elements to enhance the overall reader experience and ensure consistency with our website’s standards.

By submitting a guest article to us, you acknowledge and agree that we have the discretion to modify the content as deemed necessary while preserving the core message and intent of your submission. Rest assured that we will make every effort to maintain the integrity of your work while optimizing it for publication on our platform.

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