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Major League Mommy is run by Millennial Mom, Briana Marie Riley – a mother of two girls, certified yoga teacher and founder and CEO of Tanzek Media. On Major League Mommy, she features Mental Health Tips, DIYs, Recipes, Parenting insights, wealth-building tips, family-friendly news and activities, and more.






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Unique blog post up to 500 words ran through Copyscape up to 2 photos provided by either Brand or Major League Mommy, and shared to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and with mailing list. Link back to your website will be nofollow.

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Your product or service featured in a Facebook post – video or photo provided by Brand or Major League Mommy with link to your website included

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Your product or service creatively featured in IG story or as a reel shared on Instagram feed with link back to your website included in bio.


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Your product or service featured as a Twitter share with link back to your website

IG In-Feed Post

Your product featured in a high-quality Instagram feed photo or video under 30 seconds.



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Your product or service featured in a sponsored video on the Certified Riley YouTube channel with a link to your website included in the description

Pinterest Share

Your product or service featured in a beautiful pin shared on Pinterest with link back to your website- includes optimized title and description

TikTok and UGC

Share your product or service in an engaging TikTok video and/or create a TikTok/IG Reel-styled video for the brand’s personal use on their own social channels. 

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Get your product or service featured on our Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and with our mailing list for a special rate for a limited time only! Please contact me and mention “multi-channel promotion” for more details.


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