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We are now accepting brand collabs for inclusion in our holiday gift guides! Our holiday gift guides are highly anticipated and widely read by our audience and we are always looking to showcase high-quality and unique products that our readers will love. Please contact us to inquire about inclusion in one of our SEO-friendly holiday gift guides!

About Major League Mommy

Major League Mommy was founded by Millennial Mom, Briana Marie Riley — a mother of two girls, author, and certified yoga teacher. Major League Mommy brings together talented writers, parents, and experts to share informational and lifestyle content related to motherhood and household management.





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Collaboration Opportunities

Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Unique blog post 500-1,000 words depending on subject
  • Search engine optimized
  • Plagiarism-free
  • Written by an actual human, no AI
  • Up to 2 photos provided by Brand or Major League Mommy
  • Shared to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and with mailing list
  • Link back to your website will be nofollow
Facebook Share
  • Your product or service featured in a Facebook post
  • Video or photo provided by brand or Major League Mommy
  • Link to your website included
  • Ad boost optional
Instagram Share
  • Your product or service creatively featured in your selected format:
    • Story
    • Reel
    • In-feed Still image
    • Carousel image
  • Ad boost optional
Twitter Share

Your product or service featured in either a single tweet or a series of tweets

Pinterest Share
  • Your product or service featured in a beautiful pin
  • Includes optimized title and description
  • Video or still image provided by brand or Major League Mommy
  • Ad boost optional
  • Share your product or service in an engaging TikTok video
  • Ad boost optional
  • Photography for brand’s personal use on their own channels
  • Engaging short-form video for brand’s personal use on their own channels
  • Engaging long-form video for brand’s personal use on their own channels
  • Your product featured in a short-form video shared to Major League Mommy Amazon Influencer Store
  • Your product featured in a shoppable photo
  • Your product featured in an Amazon Livestream

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Targeted Marketing

Content tailored to moms between the ages of 25 and 35

Payments Made Easy

Choose from a variety of payment options to pay invoice

High-Quality Content

Quality photography and videography with SEO-friendly write-up

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