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Winter Skin Care Tips for a Glowing Complexion

winter skin care


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Winter is in full swing and the changing weather can do a number on your skin. Adjusting your skin care routine accordingly can help you feel more comfortable and confident during these colder months. Read on to check out some great ways to take care of your skin and have a glowing complexion no matter the season.


Prevent Dryness

Between braving the elements and spending more time indoors, winter weather can sure leave your skin dry. In response, your glands are going to release more sebum to compensate.

This can lead to your skin feeling oily and some unpleasant acne popping up. Strive to take some preventative measures to combat dryness. You’ll want to do your best to keep your skin moisturized, and protected from the harsh winter weather.

To start off you can try using a facial moisturizer that isn’t oily to keep your skin from getting too dry. Also, use lotion on your hands when possible and wear gloves when going outside. When you go out try to cover your face with your scarf. In the event that you do experience any breakouts, you can look into using an acne cream to take care of any whiteheads.


Switch Up Your Makeup

In addition to your skincare products, using the right makeup products during winter can give you the look of a glowing complexion that you are going for.

For instance, try using a bronzer, or blush to help bring shimmer and color to your cheeks. Another great product to try is a BB cream with built-in SPF. Believe it or not, you can still get a sunburn during the winter, and a BB cream can give you a great all-over even tone, complexion, and prevent aging by protecting you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Remember to apply it when spending time outdoors, especially if you are going out for a prolonged time period, like enjoying some fun winter activities with the kids, such as a walk, or if you do winter sports like skiing. 


Give Yourself a Facial Massage

Does your skin feel cold to the touch during the winter months? Giving yourself a facial massage can help to boost your circulation. Not only that, it can be a great way to relax if you are feeling stressed or have the winter blues. If you have never tried this before, start by gently massaging your cheeks, and then work your way up to your forehead. Then gently push on the facial pressure points, to help release tension.

By staying on top of your skincare this winter you are sure to create a great routine to help you shine no matter the weather. By using the right products and techniques you are sure to have a glow that will light up the room.


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