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Build Your Get Well, Stay Well Travel Kit Bag

wellness travel kit

When you’re traveling with family, you want to make sure you pack everything you need for a comfortable trip. From the right types of clothes and shoes to comfort items for your flight, there is a lot to remember. But one thing you will definitely want to pack is a wellness travel kit bag.

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In my family, we call our wellness travel kit our “Get Well, Stay Well” kit. This kit contains our must-have wellness products to ensure that we stay healthy while traveling. And in the event that we start to feel under the weather, we make sure we have items to immediately address that as well.

So today I wanted to share the items that we include in our wellness travel kit to help our readers build their own. You can check it out below.


What’s in Our Wellness Travel Kit?

Beekeeper’s Naturals Throat Spray

We always, always, ALWAYS make sure we have our BKN throat spray on hand when traveling. We can take it on airplanes and it’s small enough to stick in our pockets when we’re out and about during our vacay.

I personally use the spray every morning to be proactive. However, my husband and kids typically only use it if they feel their throats getting scratchy or if they’re feeling like they’re coming down with something.

I just purchase the family defense pack and our throat sprays usually last 2-3 months.


Beekeeper’s Natural Nasal Spray

In addition to the throat spray, we also pack our BKN Nasal Sprays. This is great for when our allergies start acting up or if we get a stuffy or runny nose.

We only use the nasal spray as needed and I’ve so far been replacing the nasal sprays once every 6 months. (I’m not sure how long each bottle is supposed to be good for, but replacing every 6 months has been working for us.)

The nasal spray is also great for when we feel like we’re getting a sore throat.


Daily Multivitamins

It’s important that we stay on top of our nutrition even while on vacation. Therefore, I always pack our daily multivitamins in our wellness travel kit. We are currently on a subscription for our First Day Multivitamins, but we have also used Goli vitamins in the past as well.

You can consult with a physician to determine which multivitamins are best for you.



We pack Similasan Eyedrop travel packs for our travels as well. Whether it be allergies, dry eyes, or just general eye irritation, these natural eye drops are a great companion for your travels.


Vapor Rub

My husband and I pack a small container of vapor rub in our Get Well, Stay Well kits. We very rarely ever have to use it, but we keep it with us just in case.


Face Masks

Face masks are something we only recently added to our travel kits when the pandemic started. Nonetheless, we continue to include them in our wellness kits.


Hand Sanitizer

Of course, we can’t omit hand sanitizer from the lineup. We always make sure we have several bottles of hand sanitizer with us throughout our travels. We keep some in our personal travel kits, I have some in my purse, and even one on a keychain.


Antibacterial Wipes

Lastly, we always make sure to pack some antibacterial wipes in our wellness kits. We use these quite often when traveling, so I currently have them on a subscription at Amazon.


What are some items you would include in your personal wellness travel kit? Feel free to share in the comments.



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