Do you know an avid traveler who would love (and greatly benefit from) a travel-themed gift basket, but distance is stopping you from pulling it off? If so, now is the time to consider a virtual travel gift basket.


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A virtual gift basket certainly isn’t common, but it is such a genius idea, I just had to share it with you. With a virtual gift basket, your loved ones can enjoy their special treat from absolutely anywhere in the world!

So what exactly would you put in a virtual travel-themed gift basket? Well, keep on reading to find out.


Travel Certificates

What better way to treat your travel-loving friends and fam, than with another special trip!

Companies like Gathr Travel allow you to purchase a digital certificate from their website. Once the certificate is purchased, you will receive a code and instructions to register the certificate. The recipient will have 90 days to register the certificate and then up to 12 months to book their trip.

You can join the GathrTravel Community for FREE- no need to listen to any annoying sales pitches or pay a monthly fee. You literally just sign up to receive the savings to your inbox!

Luxury vacation

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The best part is, these luxurious vacations come at a steep discount. Like a 7- Night Stay at a Luxurious Resort in Mexico for under $600! (You can actually score this deal for just $545 if you use promo code: majorleague).

There are no gimmicks, BUT they do offer a limited number of experiences at this rate so it’s best to grab it while you can. Also, there is only one certificate allowed per person in a 12-month period. The recipient will have to pay taxes and resort fees. But honestly, the savings are so significant, these certificates are extremely worthwhile and I highly recommend them.

These travel certificates are very simple to use. It’s 100% legitimate and there are no obligations.




Digital Travel Planner

A digital travel planner would make another great addition to your virtual gift basket.

TravelThis planner makes traveling so much easier with these super helpful features:

  • Transportation and accommodation log
  • Cost sheet
  • Itinerary
  • Calendar
  • To-do-list
  • Notes and ideas pages
  • Trip Best Moments Section
  • Clickable Content Slots

This digital travel planner is literally a traveler’s dream and is an absolute must-have in your virtual gift set.



Having a good book to read can really help move time along while waiting at airports, train stations, bus stops, etc., and I am sure any fellow travel enthusiast would agree.

So why not send an eBook as part of your virtual gift basket?

You can easily gift eBooks from AmazonOf course, make sure you first know what kind of books the recipient likes. Or perhaps they prefer audiobooks. Whatever the case may be, make sure you tailor this addition to their needs.


Digital Gift Cards

Whether it be an Amazon Gift card to help your loved one purchase a few traveling essentials or a restaurant gift card to help them with their meals as they travel, a digital gift card can be seriously helpful.

Traveling can get really expensive and every little bit counts. If you can help a traveling friend or family member cut the costs in one way or another, I am sure they will greatly appreciate it.



A virtual gift basket is a unique gift idea that could be tailored to the needs and preferences of the recipient. And with so many digital gift ideas on the market, you can be as creative as you like!

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