Are you planning a virtual graduation party this year? If so, this post is for you!

It may seem difficult to make your grad feel special when doing a virtual celebration. However, there may be times when an in-person gathering is not possible or not recommended. Whatever the case may be, we have found a few ways to celebrate this wonderful milestone virtually while still making it extra special. 

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Graduation Announcement

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Send Out Physical Announcement Cards and Invitations

Graduation Party AnnouncementFirst things first. Make the celebration feel more intimate by sending out a physical grad announcement or senior invitations through the mail. 

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  • Address capturing service
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Whether you need medical school graduation invitations, or something professional for a high school grad or any other grad in your life, Basic Invite has got you covered. 

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Set a Dress Code

Although attendees will be on a computer or phone screen, it is still a good idea to have everyone dress up. It can be easy to just show up in your PJs or loungewear since you’re all at home. However, the grad will feel so much more special if everyone dresses up for the occasion.

This is also a great way to add that in-person feel to the celebration. You don’t have to make the dress code super strict forcing attendees to go shopping for the perfect outfit. However, encourage everyone to wear the grad’s college colors or simply put on a nice top and some jewelry. 


Don’t Forget the Decorations!

Now is not the time to skimp on decorations. Even if you’re not filling your home or yard with a bunch of guests, you can have a nice festive backdrop set up to set the scene.

You can even choose to create a festive custom Zoom background to really bring the party to life. You can welcome virtual party guests to do the same. 


Have a Party Host or Guest Speaker

Make the experience even more special by having a designated party host to manage the virtual experience. You could even have a special guest speaker or musician make an appearance.

Your grad probably won’t be expecting such a wonderful touch to a virtual celebration, and that is literally the best part. Have your guest speaker deliver a powerful speech or tell a funny story. Musicians can play one (or a few) of your grad’s fave songs. 

You can really have a lot of fun with this step. Feel free to get creative. 


Deliver Party Treats Before the Event

To keep everything cohesive and make everyone feel as if they are in the same space, you can deliver a box of party treats to each attendee. This may include a few snacks, beverages, senior photos, party horns, confetti poppers, etc. 


Plan a Few Games

If you want to spice up the experience, you can plan on playing a few games to encourage attendees to interact with one another. This could be as simple as a few rounds of trivia. You may even choose to actually have prizes for the winners.


Set up a Gift Registry

Give guests the opportunity to shower the grad with gits by setting up a graduation gift registry. Work alongside the grad to select items they need for their future endeavors or maybe send out your Cash App tag to receive monetary gifts.

One of the best parts about a graduation party is all the awesome gifts. So you definitely don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. 


Give Guests the Opportunity to Create and Share a Video

Encourage guests to create a short video sending the grad well wishes or any words of encouragement as they begin a new chapter in their lives. You can play each clip during the virtual party for everyone to see. This will definitely make the grad feel loved and grateful for the support. 


Encourage the Grad to Wear Their Cap and Gown

This is the grad’s special moment! Show off that cap and gown. It is a symbol of such a wonderful accomplishment. It will also make for some pretty awesome Zoom screenshots.


Do a Special Countdown

Set a time to do a special countdown where you all release confetti, blow horns, or whatever you choose to celebrate the grad. You can send horns or confetti poppers in your party box (mentioned earlier) so that everyone is prepared. But shh…. don’t let your grad know that it’s going to happen.

This will be a fun surprise at the end of the party. 🙂


As you can see, virtual graduation parties can really be a lot of fun. You don’t even have to spend a ton of money to pull it off! What are some of your tips for planning a virtual celebration? Feel free to share in the comments. 


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