Turn Up the Fun With These Valentine’s Day Games and Activities for the Entire Family

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Are you gearing up for a Valentine’s Day get-together or simply want to take part in the Valentine’s Day festivities? If so, you may be trying to figure out ways to celebrate as a family. Sure, you can go have a fancy dinner or purchase gifts for everyone. But not everyone can afford this, and this is where family Valentine’s Day games come into play.

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Must-Try Valentine’s Day Games for the Family

#1 Heart Balloon Race

Organize the group by pairing up individuals, and distribute one balloon to each duo. Stand face to face carefully lift the balloon up and then release it. Next, you need to hit the bucket from a distance (define it yourself). All this must be done without hands – this is the beauty of the game. If the ball touches the ground, you lose. Whether touching the furniture is considered a loss – decide for yourself. The team that manages to get into the bucket the fastest will win.

#2 Love Bug Piñata

Breaking open this piñata brings a sweet surprise and tons of excitement—it’s victory’s sweet embodiment. To add to the festivities, you can make the piñata yourselves. Team up with your kids and try to create a pinata that is filled with goodness on the inside and adorable on the outside.

We usually play like this: children stand in a row and each is given one hit. Then again in a circle until someone breaks open the pinata and all the sweet treats are released. Don’t forget to share the reward generously.

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#3 Catch My Heart

Form a circle of people (at least 5 participants are needed) so that everyone faces the center. Now we need the heart of the game, it can be a red ball or even a bag of beans. The participant holding the heart must shout out the other participant’s name and quickly pass it on. Each pass adds a boost of energy to the game. You can also try to intercept the heart, but this is typically for older children. But this option does make things more interesting.

#4 Bocce Ball

It may not be summer, but we certainly all miss it. How about we bring him back, at least for a little while? Try this: find a heart-shaped target, and remember, a dollar store can supply this inexpensively. Next, grab some ping pong or Nerf balls, and label each with a distinct number using stickers—that’s your prep done.

The game begins by positioning the heart target on the floor, with a carpeted surface being ideal for this. Participants receive three numbered balls each for tossing. The aim? Land as close as possible to the heart. It’s a fun challenge with a simple rule: secure two wins out of three attempts to claim victory.

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#5 Hugs and Kisses

This is a variation of the popular game Simon Says but adapted for Valentine’s Day. One of the participants will be a guide who sets tasks, and the others will carry them out. For example, “Hug” can be putting your arms above your head to form something like the letter O akin to “XOXO.”.

The “Kiss” challenge requires each participant to get into a starfish pose. The ultimate goal is something similar to the letter X. If you make the wrong move, you’ll be eliminated. To make this game even more fun, increase the pace, so the number of funny situations will increase significantly.

You can also use this hugs and Kisses concept for a game of Tic Tac Toe.

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Wrapping Up

After tucking the kids into bed, seize the opportunity for some couch snuggles with your significant other. While you’re at it, why not spice things up with some Valentine’s Day fun, tailored just for you two? Unleash your creativity! Consider, for instance, a round of ‘Marshmallow Mayhem.’ The rules are simple: sit at opposite ends of the sofa and aim mini-marshmallows at each other’s mouths. Celebrate each successful toss with points!

At the end of your fun-filled day, this is also the perfect moment to exchange gifts with one another, have a private at-home dinner date, and just enjoy a glass of wine as the kids sleep off the excitement of the day.


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