Is the Utama Spice Bug Spray Worth the Hype? A Mom’s Honest Review

by Briana Marie
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As a mom who spends a lot of time outdoors with the kids, I was motivated to try Utama Spice’s natural insect repellent to protect my family from pesky insects without exposing them to harmful chemicals. We’ve been trying their all natural Begone Bug Spray out for a couple months now, and I figured now would be a good time to share my honest opinion on it.

So let’s get to it.

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Product Overview

Utama Spice’s Begone Bug Spray is made up of a 100% natural formula infused with essential oils. This combination of natural ingredients makes it a really great option for those of us seeking a chemical-free insect repellent.

Testing the Bug Spray

To test the effectiveness of the Utama Spice spray, I conducted real-world testing in various indoor and outdoor settings.

Firstly, I want to say that I wasn’t sure if this product was supposed to be used for skin and clothes. It wasn’t very clear on the website, but I looked at the ingredients and the fact that it was a mosquito repellant and was like, “Well it must be a natural bug repellant for skin.”

Anyway, I sprayed the Begone Bug Spray on us when we were going to be outdoors in the evening. But I also used it to spray inside the windows and corners of our home.

Effectiveness and Performance

When it comes to repelling mosquitos, the Utama Spice spray appears to be doing its job. We experienced zero mosquito bites while spending time outdoors. And in this humid environment we get during Midwest summers, we have plenty of mosquitoes this time of year.

We only applied the spray once and it lasted for hours, so that was a bonus.

As I mentioned above, I also used this spray inside our home just to see how it would work with keeping bugs out. It’s still hard to say. I have been spraying it inside our windows and in the corners of our house and near the doors. I haven’t really had many issues with creepy crawlies or any of that yet this season so it’s hard to say if this spray is helping.

I will , however, mention that we had an issue with gnats in one of our bathrooms earlier in the season and we kept spraying them down with the Begone spray (which effectively took them down). But yeah, great mosquito repellant, can’t comment much on how it works on other bugs.

Scent and Fragrance

One notable feature of the Utama Spice spray is its natural essential oil-based fragrance. The Citronella scent is the most obvious, and we really enjoy that fragrance. We actually have Citronella candles that we use outside to keep bugs away and it’s just a really pleasant scent.

However, if you have a sensitive nose, the fragrance can get a bit overwhelming. It is not a super light fragrance.

Safety and Skin Sensitivity

Both the adults and the children in my home use this Utama spice natural bug spray on our skin as a mosquito repellant. Throughout our testing, we did not experience any noticeable skin irritation or reactions.

We did do a spot test first though just to make sure no one had a reaction before spraying it all over. I highly recommend doing this and also reading the ingredients to make sure there aren’t any allergens in the spray.

Convenience and Portability

We have the 230ml Begone Bug spray which is a pretty decent sized bottle, but it fits effortlessly in a tote bag. They also have smaller sizes- 60 ml and 100 ml that are more travel-friendly.

Value and Pricing

The pricing of this bug spray is about average for all natural bug repellents currently on the market. Although its pricing may be slightly higher than some chemical-based alternatives, its performance and safer ingredients, in my opinion, make it a worthwhile investment. I think the Utama Spice begone Bug Spray is an excellent value based on its performance, ingredients, and size.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

I do want to mention that we have tried other Utama Spice products as well, so this was not our first experience with this brand.

But overall, I think the Utama Spice Begone Bug Spray is worth trying if you’re not sensitive to fragrances or certain essential oils. I recommend starting with the smaller size just to give it a test drive.


What are the key features of the Utama Spice Begone Bug Spray?

The Utama Spice Begone Bug Spray is a 100% natural bug spray for mosquitoes and other insects. It is safe for children and is one of Utama Spice’s most popular products.

How effective is the Utama Spice bug spray at repelling insects?

As mentioned in our review, the Utama Spice bug spray did a great job at repelling mosquitoes. It is still too soon for us to tell whether or not it is helpful against other bugs, but will update this review when I can actually confirm.

What is the scent and fragrance of the Utama Spice bug spray like?

We mostly smell the Citronella essential oil in the spray. It is the scent that is the strongest. The fragrance may be a bit much if you are sensitive to fragrances.

Is the Utama Spice bug spray safe for use on children and sensitive skin?

This natural bug spray is safe for children according to the description on Utama Spice’s website.

Does natural bug spray work?

There are many effective natural bug sprays on the market. It’s all about testing the various products and finding what works best for you.

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