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Hi there! Thanks for checking out my ​portfolio. I’m Briana Marie, a US-based digital marketing ​professional and UGC creator for ​brands. I have a BA in Communication ​from UH Hilo and have been working as a ​content creator for over a decade.

Brands need SOCIAL PROOF, and I provide it. It is my goal to help brands reach a larger ​audience and boost sales by creating ​authentic content they can use to target a ​specific demographic.  Let me tell the story of your brand from the consumer’s POV. Trust me, UGC is a total game-changer. 

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Let me write a captivating script for your next video that will help boost sales and tell the story of your brand!


Briana Marie, User generated Content Creator
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Unboxings/Product Reviews

Food Photography

Popcorn Factory

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

My prices vary depending on a few factors, i.e number of videos/photos being produced, the style of the content, if content will be used in paid ads vs. organic, etc. Please let me know exactly what you are looking for and I can give you a more tailored price.

How and when do I pay?

I will send over a Lumanu invoice that can be paid using a variety of payment methods (ACH, Credit/Debit, Paypal, etc.) Payment for services is typically due upfront before work begins.

How do I know you will follow through on delivering services after the invoice is paid?

We will both sign an agreement to protect both parties throughout this partnership. In the agreement, I will outline the deliverables and a timeframe to deliver.

What is the typical turnaround for content?

Content is typically delivered within 7 business days after the product is received. This timeframe, however, can vary depending on the scope of the project. An exact timeframe for your specific project will be discussed prior to signing any agreements.

Is UGC really worth the investment?

It certainly can be! Many brands are killing it on social media (and seeing a tremendous ROI as a result)  and that is largely due to user-generated content. It is important to be selective when deciding to work with an influencer and UGC creator. You need someone who is not only great at creating content but also understands your brand messaging and key digital marketing concepts to ensure that the content converts.

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MORE Content Samples!

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Brand 1

  • What They Needed: To increase awareness of their app and to increase mobile app downloads
  • Solution: I created a 15-second video with a strong hook, called out pain points followed by the solution, and told users to download the app at the end of the video.
  • Results: This video has so far generated over 14k likes on Instagram, nearly 800 shares, and almost 4k saves, and has reached almost 8,000,000 users on Instagram! This post far exceeded the brand’s expectations and generated way more downloads and engagement than anticipated! They decided to use the video for an even longer period of time for their ads because of how well it is converting.

Brand 2

  • What They Needed: An infographic outlining how to teach kids about money at different ages to promote their services and increase engagement and awareness of their Instagram account. Their current posts were generating under 20 likes and 2-3 comments and 0 shares.
  • Solution: I created a 10-slide carousel post for Instagram breaking down the lesson into different age groups with financial literacy books for different age groups shared on the last slides
  • Results: This post reached over 4k users, generated 150 likes, and received nearly 70 shares and over 120 saves!

Types of Content I Create

⭐️SEO-Friendly Blog Posts


⭐️Instagram Reels

⭐️Instagram Stories

⭐️Instagram Carousel

⭐️ Instagram in-feed posts

⭐️Long-form videos

⭐️Guides & Infographics

⭐️Tik Tok videos

⭐️Facebook Images/Videos

⭐️Pinterest Pins




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