Create a Beautiful Oceanic Wonderland With These Under the Sea Nursery Ideas

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An under the sea nursery theme offers a great mix of soothing, whimsical, and absolutely adorable in a single space. And we have so many awesome ideas to help you pull this one off.

So, get ready to transform your little one’s space into a magical underwater-themed world as we dive into some seriously creative ideas!

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Choosing an Oceanic Color Palette

To mimic the ocean, it’s best to choose soft blues and greens as the primary colors in the nursery. And the great news is that these colors are so calming which makes them perfect for a nursery.

You can then add pops of vibrant coral, yellow, and purple to add some fun to the space. To maintain balance, consider incorporating neutral tones like sand and driftwood, which complement the oceanic color palette. You can always grab a few paint samples from Sampilize to test out your options.

Wall Decor that Makes a Splash

Set the underwater scene with a mural or wallpaper depicting ocean scenes. This can create a beautiful focal point in the room.

Additionally, decals of sea creatures, shells, and coral can be strategically placed to emphasize the underwater theme. If you prefer a more refined touch, framed ocean-themed artwork or photographs can add a touch of elegance. For those feeling crafty, DIY projects like driftwood wall hangings can add a unique and natural element to the decor.

turtle under the sea decal via
Turtle Under The Sea Peel and Stick Wall Decals

ship steering wheel via
Ship Steering Wheel Wall Decor

water color ocean wall art |
Water Color Ocean Wall Art

poop deck wall art |
Poop Deck Rustic Wall Sign

Furniture That Emphasizes Fluidity

Selecting furniture that reflects the fluidity of the ocean is definitely worth considering. Choose a crib with curved lines reminiscent of waves to create a soothing and dreamy atmosphere. Complementing the crib, a rocking chair or glider in a nautical style can provide a cozy nook for nursing or cuddling.

To further emphasize the under the sea theme, add a dresser or changing table with rope or shell accents.

Completing the look, a bookshelf shaped like a boat or lighthouse can be a really fun element to include in the space.

Graco solano crib |
Graco Solano 4-in-1 Convertible Crib With Drawer

white and blue glider with ottoman |
White and Blue Glider with Ottoman

sailboat bookcase |
Sailboat Bookcase

Materials to Dive Into

Bedding featuring fish, seahorses, or waves can really bring to life the under the sea nursery theme. To add warmth and comfort, place a plush ocean-themed area rug. Window curtains with seashell or anchor prints can add a bit of coastal charm. And don’t forget to include throw pillows in ocean-inspired themes and colors to create a cozy space.

whale print curtains |
Whale Print Curtains

nautical nursery crib sheet |
Nautical Nursery Crib Fitted Sheets

blue sheer curtains |
Blue Sheer Curtains

Lighting Up the Sea

Choosing the right lighting fixtures can really tie your under the sea nursery theme together. Consider a pendant light or chandelier with glass bubbles or seashells to really capture the theme.

A nightlight projecting ocean scenes or sea creatures can provide a soothing glow during nighttime. You should also consider lamps with bases shaped like coral or starfish can be adorable additions to the room.

whale night light |
Whale Night Light

conch shell night light |
Conch Shell Night Light

whale silicone night light |
Whale Silicone Night Light

under the sea themed lamp |
Under the Sea Themed Lamp

Accessorizing the Oceanic Oasis

To complete the under the sea nursery, carefully curated accessories can make a world of difference.

Stuffed sea animal toys can be placed on shelves or chairs, adding a playful element to the room. Baskets or bins for storage with nautical rope handles can keep the space organized while adding a touch of maritime charm. Decorative anchors, life preservers, or ship wheels can be hung on the walls to reinforce the theme. Jars filled with sand, shells, or starfish can serve as decorative accents and capture that beachy feel.

whale tail wall hook |
Whale Tail Wall Hook

6pcs ocean-themed wall art |
6pcs Ocean-Themed Hanging Wall Decor

whale pillow |
Whale Pillow

pearl oyster plush |
Pearl Oyster Plush

fishing net decor |
Fishing Net Decor

Gender-Neutral Ocean-Themed Nursery Tips

Creating a gender-neutral under the sea themed baby nursery is achievable by adopting a color scheme that appeals to all. By using soft blues, greens, and neutral tones, you can create a welcoming space that is suitable for both boys and girls. The key is to focus on the oceanic elements and avoid gender-specific decor. Many of the ideas above are gender-neutral but here are a few more ideas to consider:

watercolor sea life posters |
Watercolor Sea Life Posters

wooden marine animal cutouts |
Wooden Marine Animal Cutouts

felt ocean animal mobile |
Felt Ocean Animal Baby Mobile

nautical mirror with rope frame |
Nautical Mirror Wrapped in Rope

under the sea alphabet wallpaper |
Alphabet Poster Hanging Wall Decor

Wrapping Up

To create an under the sea nursery, consider the aforementioned key elements such as the color palette, wall decor, furniture, various fabrics, lighting, and accessories. Don’t be afraid to get creative and personalize the theme to suit your taste and style. Using the ideas and tips in this article, you can create a serene and imaginative space for your baby. Enjoy!

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