UnboxBoardom: The Subscription Box That Will Take Your Game Nights to the Next Level

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UnboxBoardom is a subscription service that brings the excitement of board games straight to your home. With this board game subscription service, subscribers get to enjoy the benefits of playing their favorite board games and have the opportunity to discover new games while enjoying regular game nights with friends and family.

extended family playing a board game Photo credit: Wavebreak from Getty Images Signature via Canva.com
Photo credit: Wavebreak from Getty Images Signature via Canva.com

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More About UnboxBoardom

UnboxBoardom offers a wide range of board game options for your subscription. Subscribers can also choose from different plans and payment frequencies.

As an added benefit, with this service, you not only get to enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing board games but also contribute to a good cause. For every 10 new board game subscription box signups, UnboxBoardom donates a board game to an organization that helps kids who can’t afford one.

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How does UnboxBoardom work?

Subscribing to UnboxBoardom is easy. It’s just 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Plan

There are 3 plan options:

  1. Board Game Beginner (Quarterly)
  2. Casual Gamer (Bi-monthly)
  3. Gaming Guru (Monthly)

Step 2: Choose Your Billing Frequency

  • Pay as you go (pay for one shipment at a time)
  • Pre-pay subscription (pay for all of your games annually for a discount)

Step 3: Checkout and Await Your Shipment

If you’re signing up for the first time, you’ll likely be presented with a survey that asks for information like your birthday month and whether or not you’d like to select your own games for each shipment or let the UnboxBoardom experts just surprise you.

And from there, you will just check out and wait for your shipment. Easy peasy!

What are the benefits of subscribing to UnboxBoardom?

Subscribing to UnboxBoardom comes with several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to discover new games. Additionally, UnboxBoardom promotes having regular game nights, which can bring friends and family together for quality time and entertainment.

Moreover, this service can help you save money. By receiving new games each month in your subscription, you don’t have to spend money on purchasing these games individually which can end up costing more.

UnboxBoardom offers a variety of games to cater to different skill levels and interests. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or simply enjoy casual board game nights, UnboxBoardom has something for everyone. Their collection includes games suitable for a variety of ages and preferences.

We recently received our first box from UnboxBoardom and the family was so excited! We chose a more challenging escape-room-type board game (since that is totally our vibe), and it made for a very interesting family game night. I like that we had the option to either choose the game we wanted or let them surprise us. Ultimately, we decided to pick for ourselves because we really wanted to try the game we selected.

UnboxBoardom FREE Shipping Code

As a special offer for readers, you can receive FREE shipping on your first box by using the promo code “USFAMILY” at checkout. Simply visit unboxboardom.com to take advantage of this deal.

Wrapping Up

Subscribing to UnboxBoardom is a great way to add some excitement to your routine. From discovering new games to enjoying quality time with loved ones, this service really takes the board game experience to a new level.

Feel free to share some of your favorite board games in the comments!

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