6 Tips to Help Large Families Navigate Airports

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Traveling with a large family can be quite a challenge.

The airport experience is often filled with long lines, chaos, and confusion. To make the process smoother, it’s important to have a plan of action and know what to expect before you arrive at the airport.

Here are some top tips for families with more than four members having to navigate the airport when traveling together.

help large families navigate airports

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Tips to Best Navigate the Airport with a Large Family


Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is key when it comes to airport travel with a large family.

Before you leave home, do your research on the airport you’ll be flying into or out of and find out what services they offer, such as restaurants or family-friendly amenities like nursing rooms.

Knowing where these are located in advance can help speed up your trip through the terminal and make it less stressful for everyone involved.


Pack Smartly

Packing is an important part of any trip but especially so when traveling with a larger group.


Make sure each person has their own carry-on bag that they can easily manage themselves. This will help ensure that everyone has what they need during their travels without cluttering up the space around them or getting in anyone else’s way.


Utilize Airport Shuttles

Airline shuttle services can be a great way for large families to travel together without having to worry about parking lots or rental cars.

These shuttles typically offer door-to-door service, so all you have to do is call ahead of time and provide them with your pickup location and destination address.

The shuttle company will then pick up your family from their designated pickup spot and drop you off directly at your final destination—no hassle involved!


Check-In Early

Arriving at the airport early gives you time to get situated and ensures that no one misses their flight due to running late or getting lost in the crowds.

If possible, try to check in online before arriving at the airport so that all you have to do once there is drop off your luggage and go through security without having to wait in line for too long.

This tip also applies if your family will be utilizing airport shuttles; allow yourself plenty of time prior to departure so that you don’t miss it!


Be Mindful Of Others

It’s easy for airports to become overwhelming, especially for families with multiple young children who may not be used to being surrounded by strangers in such close quarters.

It’s important that everyone remain aware of their surroundings, respectful of other travelers, and mindful not to take up too much space while traversing through the terminal or waiting in line at security checkpoints.


Be Prepared for Delays

Delays happen—it’s just part of air travel—so it’s wise to have extra snacks on hand or activities planned if your flight is delayed or canceled altogether.

Bring books, coloring books, games, and tablets—anything that can keep everyone occupied until your plane departs!



Navigating airports can be a daunting task for large families but following these tips can help ease some of the stress associated with air travel!

From planning ahead and packing smartly all the way down to being prepared for delays – these six simple steps will help make sure every member of your family has an enjoyable journey from start to finish! It will also help ease worries as you navigate the airport. 

Additionally, keep an eye out for shuttle services which may help reduce costs associated with transportation from/to airports – another great way to save money when traveling as a big group!


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