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7 Tips for Recovering From Plastic Surgery as A Busy Mom

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As a mom, it’s likely that your day is jam-packed full of activities that you find yourself constantly on the go with. Taking the time to schedule and undergo plastic surgery may seem out of reach at the moment. However, with our helpful tips on recovering successfully from cosmetic surgery as a mom, we’re sure you’ll be able to take care of your own needs with ease.

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Planning is Everything

When you undergo plastic surgery, you can expect to spend at least a few weeks focusing on healing your body. To make this healing process a lot easier, you want to plan ahead of time. This means arranging childcare for your children when necessary and even hiring a house cleaner to do the heavy house cleaning tasks while you’re recovering.

It can be helpful to think about all the things that you normally do throughout the week. Then, try to outsource these tasks to other family members or professional services. You’ll be glad that you did because you won’t have to stress out about these tasks getting completed while you’re still healing from your cosmetic surgery.

Have Your Post-Op Supplies On Hand

When you first speak to your surgeon about the surgery and your necessary recovery routine, they’ll likely tell you the materials you need to have on hand to take care of your body. This can include things like antibiotic ointments, healing supplements, bandages, ice packs, and gauze. When you have these items readily available, you’ll be able to tend to your treatment site with ease.

When you’re preparing your supplies, you also want to consider food. Have easy meals ready to go for you and your family. Quick items like crackers, deli meat, and smoothies can be great for snacking when necessary, especially if you don’t have much of an appetite after surgery. Keep in mind that your body needs fuel to heal.

Formulate a Positive Mindset About Surgery

When you decide that you want to undergo plastic surgery, it’s necessary to start formulating a positive mindset towards that surgery. A positive mindset will not only ensure that you stay in good spirits throughout the process but will help you avoid excess guilt. It’s not uncommon for mothers to feel guilty when they take time for themselves, such as getting plastic surgery.

Unfortunately, having this negative mindset going into your surgery can have negative effects on the healing process. Not only are you going to be more likely to overdo it and cause potential problems with your post-op recovery, but you’ll likely have a tougher mental outlook throughout the process.

Consider a Sleepover for Your Children

After your surgery, it’s likely that you’re going to be experiencing some pain and discomfort. If you’re like most moms, you just want to get home and go to bed. However, there’s no telling when your young children may throw a temper tantrum or be extremely noisy. Do yourself a favor and schedule a sleepover for your children on the day that you come home after surgery.

Whether it’s a close friend or their grandparent’s house, pick a place where you know that your kids are in good hands. This will give you peace of mind about their health and prevent you from having to worry about looking after your children while you’re still feeling discomfort.

Talk About Your Surgery Openly

If you have children that are of an age that they can understand about the surgery, you should discuss it with them. Tell them what to expect from you throughout the days following your surgery. It can be very scary for a child to see their parents with bandages and bruises. But, when they’re prepared for it because you’ve already discussed your surgery with them, it will help to ease their minds when they do see you post-op.

Be Strategic About Planning

Fortunately, when you opt for plastic surgery, you have the convenience of deciding just when you go in for that surgery. This can be extremely helpful for a busy mother. If your children are in school, consider scheduling your surgery for a Monday. This way, your children will be in school throughout most of your first week of recovery. Planning your surgery at the end of the week can create more stress in your early recovery days as you won’t have as much downtime with your entire family being at home.

If your kids are of age to attend a summer camp, you may want to consider having your surgery conveniently while they’re away. By taking some time to discover when you’ll have time to be alone and heal, you’ll be able to better set yourself up for having a successful surgery and recovery period.

Supplements and Other Things to Consider for Recovery

As mentioned above, there will be certain supplements you may need to take as part of your recovery after surgery. For example, VitaMedica offers a Recovery Bundle which contains items such as Bromelain with Quercetin, Arnica, and a morning and evening formula. Make sure you discuss which supplements will be necessary with your surgeon and keep them at your bedside.

Also, you will want to make sure you have your care team in place for the first few weeks of recovery as there may be a lot you won’t be able to do for yourself. If you have older kids in the home, they can be very helpful in this case. However, with younger kids, you will want a few other people available to help you out. This could be your spouse, parents, sibling, close friend, etc.

Wrapping Up

When you’re a mom, it can feel like your life is a neverending cycle. From running the kids to school to keeping up with your own workload, it can seem challenging to find the time to undergo your own plastic surgery. However, when you prepare for your surgery and recovery with the many tips that we went over in mind, you can set yourself up for having a successful plastic surgery recovery that you can be proud of.

Best of wishes!

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