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Tips For Grieving Parents: Creative Memorial Ideas For a Loved One

Here are a few creative memorial ideas for grieving parents

Of the many challenges you face as a parent, grief is one of those things that can strike at any moment, and we can feel ill-equipped to speak to our children about this. When someone passes away, especially when it’s someone really close to us, what we have to learn to communicate is not the fact that they are gone, but that their memory lives on. And this is something that we should learn for ourselves as well. One of the best ways to do this is to create a memorial. In many ways, the right memorial can become a talisman to the person and serve their memory quite well. But, when you are memorializing a loved one, what do you need to think about, and what are the best options? Here are some Creative Memorial Ideas For a Loved One. 

Here are a few creative memorial ideas for grieving parents

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Honor Their Personality

This, in many ways, doesn’t require too much in terms of thinking. If you want to honor a loved ones’ personality, especially if they had a quirky sense of style, you can go for the more left-field approaches. Balloon releases or quirky designs that can go either on the gravestone or in a little scrapbook can be a wonderful testament to their memory. By honoring their personality, rather than the circumstances of their passing, this is a far more positive way of keeping their memory alive.

Jewelry And Design

It could be a great option for family members to keep a bit of your late loved one’s spirit wherever you go. Cremation jewelry or memorial jewelry that’s handwritten is a very popular approach. Handwritten jewelry is a note that has been written by the deceased, and engraved in their style onto an item of jewelry like a necklace. You can take this idea further, and go for laser engraved brick, especially on the gravestone, and this is a more personal and individual approach to honoring their memory. Of course, you could also go for the more traditional options like a locket with a photo of the deceased.

Modest Memories

Keepsakes, especially those little items that you may have amassed over the years, can go perfectly well in a scrapbook. By setting up a little keepsake book, it’s not just a way to honor the person, but it’s a way to keep these real, tangible items in one place that you can go back to again and again. If you want to go one step further, you could create a memorial DVD, and there are plenty of services that provide this, where you can put all the photos and videos of that person onto one place. This way, when you are looking to reacquaint yourself with them after so many years, it can bring those lovely memories back. The great thing about these options is that they are so cheap.


It’s said so much, if we remember someone, they are never truly gone. The perfect memorial item can really drive home this point. Ultimately, when you are looking to honor your deceased loved one, you should consider their personality and how you believe they would want to be remembered. 

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