10 Tips for Dressing the Family in Matching Outfits for Festive Celebrations

by Briana Marie
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Holidays bring so many opportunities to create lifelong memories and establish traditions that can continue for generations. Wearing matching outfits is a fun way to celebrate festive occasions with the people you love most!

Dressing alike pops in family photos, and it’s also a wonderful way to show up as a group at holiday events and get-togethers. Choosing coordinating outfits can be a bit tricky, especially for large families. We’re happy to lend a helping hand with 10 tips and ideas that’ll make your holiday celebrations unforgettable for the whole crew!

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1. Pick a Color and Let Everyone Choose Their Outfits

The most simple and straightforward way to match is to select one color and go from there. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should all dress head to toe in monochrome attire (although that can be fun, too).

Let everyone know the color of the day, and let them pick their favorite clothes in that hue. You could also plan a shopping trip before the big day and let everyone choose an outfit. The goal of this approach is to help everyone feel comfortable, as they’ll be wearing familiar clothes or clothes they selected themselves.

This approach is especially helpful for kids or teenagers who are picky about their personal fashion. You may have to compromise your perfect vision, but making sure everyone’s happy is the first priority!

That said, sometimes an extra holiday treat can be quite convincing if a child (or husband) is being stubborn about it—it’s a reward, not a bribe!

2. Wear Complementary Costumes

Any excuse to wear a costume is a good one! Rather than having everyone wear the same costume, get creative with it. For example, on Easter, you could have bunnies, chicks, and Easter eggs as complimentary clothing patterns.

When choosing costumes, keep practicality in mind. Avoid masks or makeup that cover faces and any sort of material or design that could be uncomfortable. Costumes don’t have to be too over the top. You still want everyone to be recognizable!

3. Get Cozy in Matching Jammies

People commonly think about wearing matching pajamas during Christmas, and Christmas pajamas are definitely great for a Christmas pajama party or just to wear on Christmas Day. You can have everyone open their stockings when they wake up in the morning, and then they can change into their new jammies before opening the presents under the tree. However, this idea doesn’t have to be reserved for Christmas only. Wearing matching pajamas in a family photo can be adorable any time of year. You can even see how we used this concept for an Easter pajama party.

As an added bonus for the parents, changing into jammies and cozying up on the couch for family movie night can be just what the kids need to get some shuteye after a long day of celebrating.

4. Sometimes a Tee is All You Need

Sometimes the perfect T-shirt says it all! If you prefer more of a subtle matching style, consider wearing twin tops with a cute message or graphic. For example, mommy and me shirts let you enjoy the festive spirit while staying comfortable and casual. Dressing in elaborate clothes or costumes can be fun, but sometimes you just want to add that special touch without going overboard.

5. Wear Neutral Tones for Understated Elegance

While there’s nothing wrong with getting wild with your holiday attire, maybe you want to wear something more low-key while keeping that sense of cohesion. Soft, neutral tones like beige, cream, and white are perfect for achieving a timeless, classy look.

6. Match Patterns

Your first instinct may be to wear matching colors, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but playing with patterns opens up lots of other possibilities. For example, you could have everyone choose their favorite flannel or you could all wear stripes or polka dots.

Wearing a variety of colors while keeping the same general pattern can bring visual excitement to your holiday photos. And, if one of the older family members ventures off to celebrate, they won’t feel like they’re wearing anything out of the ordinary.

7. Dress to the Nines

Hey, holidays only come around once a year, right? Why not take the opportunity to bust out your fanciest attire? Evening gowns, tuxedos, fine jewelry—the works! Even if it’s just to snap a quick photo, that swanky moment in time will be captured forever. Of course, if you have young children, you’ll want to keep their comfort in mind. You may even want to bring backup clothes in case they get fussy or messy.

8. Consider Location

As you plan your outfits, think about where you’ll be wearing them. Some flowing white outfits would be perfect for a holiday beach day. Red outfits would pop beautifully in a forest. This step is especially important if you’re doing a family photo shoot, but it’s something to keep in mind for events and parties, too.

9. Tie the Look Together With Accessories

Finally, put the finishing touches on the outfits with some accessories. Little details can really tie the whole thing together. For example, if everyone wears something gold, that extra shimmer and shine could be the magic ingredient that really brings the look to life. Or, simply wearing matching hats can bring cohesion to an otherwise ordinary photo.

10. Remember: It’s All About Having Fun

We hope these ideas are helpful as you plan this year’s festivities. The most important tip we can give you is to remember that dressing up should be a fun activity for everyone. Try to get the whole family involved in the planning if possible. After all, wearing matching clothes is all about making everyone feel like part of the family. Enjoy your holiday!

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