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We all love to go on regular holidays, but if you happen to be planning an especially long one, there are likely going to be some things that you will need to consider first. Going away for a long time brings up a lot of issues you need to address if you plan to come home to a house that is still standing, a family and so on. But if you have never before gone on an extended trip – over a month, let’s say – you might be at a loss as to what kinds of things you need to plan for. In this post, we will discuss some of the major considerations you might want to take on board to ensure you are able to relax and enjoy your holiday as fully as possible.

In this post, we will discuss some of the major considerations you might want to take on board in order to make sure that you are able to relax and enjoy your holiday as fully as possible.

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Keeping The Home Safe


If there is one thing that is likely to be at the top of your list of concerns when you go away for a long time, it’s ensuring that you have a home to come back to in one piece. Looking after the home and keeping it safe while you’re away is definitely important, and you might feel that you are a little worried as to how you can actually be sure of doing so. Fortunately, there are many tried and tested ways of keeping the home safe while you are away, and as long as you take on board some of the following, you will be able to relax around the issue and enjoy yourself much more.


The best thing is if you have a neighbour whom you feel you can trust. If you happen to know someone nearby you who you would consider a good friend, then it might be a simple case of giving them a key and asking them to go and check on the home every now and then. This will mean that not only is there someone there to keep an eye on it in person, but you can even contact them if you wish, or have them contact you if there is anything wrong, and so be in touch with how your home is doing at all times. That will probably help you to relax and enjoy your holiday considerably more, so it’s a good way to go. But this is not always viable, and sometimes you will need to go down other avenues to ensure that you can keep your home truly safe.


It’s well worth getting some timers for your lights and possibly even for something like your television or landline phone, if you have one. That way, it will look to potential burglars as though someone is home, and you should find that if nothing else this gives you a certain peace of mind over leaving the home alone for so long. You could also think about installing a camera or two and downloading a security app from which you can watch your home if necessary. However, this is certainly not for everyone, and you need to consider whether you are really keen for your holiday to be continually interrupted by the watching of your home. In any case, it’s an option if you feel it might be necessary.


Keeping the home safe will ensure that you can continue to enjoy your holiday, and you should absolutely make provisions for this before you head off on your trip.


Remembering Birthdays


Just because you are going to be away doesn’t mean you can suddenly skirt on many of your interpersonal responsibilities, and this is something that you need to think about if you are going to try and keep things good with your family and friends back home. In particular, it might be worth thinking about who is going to have a birthday or other kind of momentous occasion while you are gone, and how you can provide for that in the same way that you normally would. Arguably the best way to do this is simply to use an online service – more info on that here – which will allow you to send flowers, gifts and cards back home. That way, you can continue to have your holiday, and those loved ones at home will not be disappointed either. You will be glad you did this when it comes time to coming back home and keeping your relationships all in tact as best as you can.


Caring For Pets


If you do have any pets, then you will of course need to think about what you are going to do with them when you go away on extended holiday. What you will need to do depends on the pet in question, as clearly a goldfish is going to need a completely different level and set of care than a dog or a cat. Whatever pet you might have, you need to think beforehand about what you are going to do to keep them safe and happy while you are gone.


The number one best thing to do is to get someone you know and trust well to look after them while you are away. If necessary, you can even offer to pay them a little. Failing that, you can be on the lookout for anyone in your local area who does it for a living, but again be sure that you pet them and that you trust their character. If all else fails, you can think about a kennel, cattery or equivalent, but this is probably not the thing you really want to go for if you can help it. However you approach this issue, you are going to need to make sure that you can care for your pets while you are away. If not, then that means you simply cannot go away.


As you can see, there is plenty to consider before taking an extended holiday. Make sure that you are well-prepared if you are going to enjoy your holiday as much as you would like to.

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