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These 8 Things Are Must-Haves in Your Child’s Craft Box

These 8 Things Are Must-Haves in Your Child's Craft Box

Crafting with kids, or even just by yourself, is very relaxing. Once you learn to go with the flow and understand the glitter is forever. Rather than have crafting items strewn around in different drawers, it is better to have everything in one big box. So any time you or the kiddos want to get creative, they simply need to grab the box. 

These 8 Things Are Must-Haves in Your Child's Craft Box

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There are some essentials that no good craft box should be without. Here is a list to get you started:

Sticky Tape

Like many of the arts and crafts tutorials people watched on the telly, you too need sticky tape. It is hand when the glue is out of reach, or when you have a time crunch on creating something. 

Googly Eyes

Creating a horse? Stick on googly eyes. Have a Roomba? Stick on googly eyes. Everything’s better with googly eyes

Tissue Paper

It is easy to work with, and you can create some really interesting work with it. Fake stained glass windows are a popular option with tissue paper and a sheet of clear plastic. It is easy to tear or cut too. Making it perfect for little hands to deal with. 


Aside from the more traditional tube glue, you should think about non-toxic PVA glue and a checkout arts glue guns too. When it comes to glitter, sequins or sticking on a dog’s tissue paper leg, a glue gun is as quick a sticky tape in most cases. Just remember that glue guns should be the job of the adults. 

Lace & Ribbons

Stippling paint through the lace will leave really intricate and beautiful patterns. Which kids love to do because the design isn’t something they could create otherwise. Ribbons have so many uses. From stitching projects to a bow on a piggies neck. 


As many as you can stand is the best idea. Some will inevitably go hard with glue because they missed the after craft wash, but if you have a playdate, or you personally enjoy a lot of variety in the brushes you use then the more, the merrier. 


It is a great idea to get many different kinds of paint. They all have different textures and effects, so they let you and/pr the kids explore their creativity with that. Learning how much water to add to a watercolour, or how to stipple with acrylic and leave a textured surface. There is a lot of fun to be had with paint. 


Many parents don’t love the idea of having scissors in the craft box. But rather than get standard scissors, opt for the plastic child proof scissors. They usually have interesting patterns on the blade, and much more child-friendly finger and thumbholes. This will help children’s motor skills and dexterity, though. Always a bonus. 


Your craft box doesn’t need to be an expensive box. After all, it is likely to get covered in leaking paint, dribbling glue and at least one glitter explosion. An old toy box or a clear plastic box is a good idea. 



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