Hawaii with the Kids: The Ultimate Planning Guide for a Stress-Free Vacation

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There’s no better place for a family trip than Hawaii. Hawaii is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the world and is jam-packed with so many fun things to do for the whole family.

The best part? The top things to do in this state are outdoors. So, you can get your kids active, enjoying some fresh air, and away from the screens when you give them so many ways to engage with what’s around them.

Like any family trip, however, going to Hawaii with your kids can be stressful. If you aren’t properly ready and prepared, you can easily end up in one stressful situation after another. The last thing you want is for your trip to be restricted because you didn’t book things far enough in advance or because you didn’t know you needed to reserve your space in the first place.

With the right prep, you can devise a schedule that keeps everyone having fun without overdoing it as well. No one wants to get tired or cranky on a trip to somewhere like Hawaii! The secret to enjoying Hawaii with kids all is in finding balance and using this guide to help make maintaining that balance so much easier.

So let’s get to it!

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Always Buy Plane Tickets Together

You can guarantee that you and your family stay together on the flight. Yes, it costs more to reserve your seats when you book, but there’s simply no other option when it comes to flying with young kids. You cannot risk it, and it’s also not worth the hassle. Spend the small upgrade to sit together, and you can then rest easy knowing that you and your family are set for the flight.

Rent Baby Equipment

Bringing all your baby equipment, like a stroller, is expensive and a huge hassle to deal with on planes. The worst part isn’t the cost, either. The worst part is the likelihood of your stroller getting damaged during the flight. Y

ou can spare yourself all the hassle by instead renting what you need in Hawaii when you land. Do this in advance, just like you would renting a car. You can then upgrade your setup to make it even easier to bring everything you and your young children need. Other things you can rent include car seats and even cribs!

Choose a Kid-Friendly Hotel

You want the resort that you book to have multiple activities, including a kids’ club on site. Having live events, shows, dining, and relaxation options like a pool all on site gives you plenty of options to enjoy your stay to the max without necessarily going out. When you’re tired, but the kids aren’t (or vice versa), your Oahu resorts amenities are going to be a lifesaver.

For the best experience, choose one that’s at the heart of all the action. Getting a place in Waikiki means less time spent on the bus, packing up the car, or just dealing with the hassle of traffic. You want to be where there’s minimal need to get on public transportation or in your rental car. Save those moments for the day trips out of the city! You’ll all feel more comfortable and at ease.

Top Kid-Friendly Things To Do in Hawaii

There are so many amazing kid-friendly things to do on any of the islands, with these being the top of the bunch:

Go to Museums

Think museums are nothing more than dusty places? Think again. Between the Pearl Harbor memorial and submarine museum, where you can walk around a real 1940s submarine, and the aquarium and zoos, you and your kids are spoiled for choice. These spaces are fully interactive, interesting, and a great place to teach your kids something new.

However, visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center is an absolute must when you’re in Hawaii. This cultural center is where you and your kids can learn all about Polynesian culture, see authentic Hula shows, and so much more. It’s a great choice for families of all sizes and a big hit, particularly amongst kids.

Find Kid-Friendly Sports

There are so many activities that your kids can enjoy. Older kids especially are great to bring to Hawaii because you can sign them up for things like surf lessons, paddleboarding, and snorkeling. If you’ve got little ones, don’t fret. There are many calm and beautiful beaches available for fun in the sun that are safe for toddlers. Just remember to keep them out of the sun and fully protected by regularly reapplying sunscreen.

Attend a Luau

Luaus are great family-friendly feasts that are an epic tradition to experience when you visit Hawaii. The best part is that, as a guest, you are welcome to the buffet tables so you and your kids can fill up on your choice of food.

How to Make Your Trip as Stress-Free as Possible

The secret to any great vacation with kids is to be mindful of their energy levels. It would help if you planned many, many breaks throughout the day. The number of breaks and how long they are will depend entirely on how old they are and what your kids specifically need.

For example, if you have young kids that need a nap, plan a siesta in the middle of the day. This way, you can all rest and relax (especially if it’s too hot for you to be outside) where it’s comfortable. That siesta can give you all that you need to refresh for another afternoon and evening out and about in Hawaii.

Older kids that don’t need naps will still need rest (and so too will you!). To accommodate that, try to stick to one or two big activities per day and chill out for the rest of it. By choosing one high-energy activity and then being flexible in terms of a low-energy option, you can ensure everyone stays well rested. Keep in mind during these breaks you’ll want to refresh, so have a snack and a drink and try to cool off if you’re too warm.

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