The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Thoughtful Presents for Every Personality

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The holiday season is an exciting time filled with dazzling lights, beautiful decorations, and time spent with loved ones. That being said, the time leading up to the holiday season can be overwhelming—especially for those lucky enough to have a long list of loved ones to buy gifts for.

Between deciding what to get someone and actually going out and making the purchase, this process can be quite time-consuming. Let us help with at least one loved one! Read on for our thoughtful holiday gift guide for him!

couple hugging each other photo credit: Photo Credit: Rendy Novantino on Unsplash
Photo Credit: Rendy Novantino via Unsplash

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For the Outdoorsman

outdoor gear holiday gift for men photo credit: Alice Donovan Rouse via Unsplash
Photo credit: Alice Donovan Rouse via Unsplash

For those on a budget, the outdoorsman turns out to be pretty easy to shop for. From multi-purpose tools to stainless steel water bottles, there are a plethora of budget-friendly gifts that can upgrade the outdoorsman’s life.

Sneak some casual questions into a conversation about his hobbies to see what he might be missing. Are his sunglasses getting old? Did he lose his favorite travel mug? There’s no shortage of smaller gifts that can make an outdoorsman’s life easier.

If you really want to spend some money on your man this holiday season, consider getting him a new piece of gear for his favorite outdoor sport. Whether that’s the new kayak he’s been dreaming of or a replacement for his current worn-down fishing pole, you’ll make sure he’s reminded of how much you care for him every time he does his favorite hobby.

Not sure what gear he needs and worried about making a mistake? You’re not alone in that. Instead, get him a gift that allows him to bring his sense of adventure with him wherever he goes.

Many couples will buy new wedding bands for each other to keep their love burning, so why not upgrade your partner’s with a hint of adventure? These men’s antler wedding bands are a perfect way to combine your love for your man with his love for the outdoors.

For the Romantic Man

There’s nothing wrong with focusing your holiday gifts on your relationship! If you’re looking to save some money this holiday season, romantic gifts are a great idea as they can be just as sweet, if not sweeter, when homemade.

meditation gift basket photo credit: Edz Norton via Unsplash
Photo credit: Edz Norton via Unsplash

Consider putting together a gift basket using decorations you can get for cheap from a dollar store. Fill it with homemade items such as love coupons, sweet “Open when…” notes, a handmade keychain, a booklet filled with things you love about him, a date jar, or a memory box. While social media and camera roll apps with cloud storage can hold onto all the photos you dream of, scrapbooks are still a heartfelt way to express your love for someone.

If you don’t mind spending some money on your partner, some truly romantic gifts include a weekend getaway or sweetly engraved decor or accessories. Weekend getaways make a phenomenal holiday gift, not only because you’ll get to go with him, but because it’s a gift that allows for more memories to be created.

Truly, a gift that keeps on giving! Even just planning a meaningful date that you know he’ll love can make a meaningful holiday present. If there’s any specific activity he often talks about wanting to do, such as seeing a concert or going on a hot air balloon, make it romantic by planning a time to go just the two of you.

For the Fashionister

Shopping for a fashion-forward man can be intimidating, especially if the relationship is newer, and you don’t yet fully know his own personal taste. If you do have a good sense of your partner’s individual style, don’t be afraid to get him an outfit, suits or other garments you think he would love.

Otherwise, it may be safer to stick with timeless accessories he is sure to appreciate. Some common options are to get him a new tie, belt, cufflinks, or jewelry. Gold bracelets are both romantic and classy, making them an excellent choice for any man.

men's clothes on hangers photo credit: Clark Street Mercantile via Unsplash
Photo credit: Clark Street Mercantile via Unsplash

If you’re wary of getting him something he won’t like at all, consider getting him a holiday gift that will help him organize his closet instead. Closet accessories, like hangers, shelf dividers, and baskets, can completely transform the space. Help your partner display his favorite pieces in a way that protects his clothes and keeps them wrinkle-free. Moreover, part of the gift can be that you’ll re-organize his wardrobe space with or for him!

For the Plus-Sized Man

Finding a gift for the plus-sized man in your life can be a bit of a challenge. Traditional clothing and accessories may not always fit well or feel comfortable for those with larger body types. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect holiday gift for him. Some retailers offer big and tall shirts, shoes that are sizes not offered elsewhere, and other specialty items that cater to the plus-sized man. 

Clothing items may not always seem like great gifts even when we put much thought into them, but plus-sized men may love receiving something that offers them the comfort and fit they struggle to find. If you want to add a personal touch, consider getting an item embroidered with their initials or a special message. A personalized gift is always a meaningful and thoughtful gift idea.

For the Sports Fan

tennis balls photo credit: Cristina Anne Costello via Unsplash
Photo credit: Cristina Anne Costello via Unsplash

Luckily, there are a plethora of holiday gifts available for sports fans. You already know what they love! New jerseys, team-inspired decor, signed memorabilia, and tickets to a game will all be home runs. However, with all these options, it can be tricky to decide exactly which direction to go when choosing a present. It’s helpful to consider their personality, their routine, and your own interest in their favorite sports teams.

For example, if he is career-focused, spends most of his week in suits, and rarely has the occasion for casual clothes, then a jersey or other team-related garment is probably not the best bet. But, if every morning he needs a tumbler to bring their coffee with them to work, buy him one that’s themed for their favorite team or sport!

Additionally, if you are also a fan of the same sports or teams as him, surprising him with tickets to a game, or even something as special as a season pass, will allow the both of you to make countless wonderful memories.

You Know Him Best

It can be tempting to compare your gift ideas with those of your friends and family, but it’s important to remember that he is your partner for a reason. You know what he likes and cares about because you love and pay attention to him. As long as you put thought into your man’s likes and passions when selecting a holiday gift for him, he is sure to love it, and hopefully, this guide will help. We know you’ll pick the best gift for him this season!

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