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The Pros and Cons of Opening a Fashion Boutique as a Mompreneur

by Erika Robertson
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Being a mom is one of the most important jobs you can take on, but when you add on business goals such as opening a fashion boutique—things can get a little crazy!

From balancing inventory to handling childcare and everything in between, it can be a lot to be a mompreneur. So, whether you’re looking for time management tips, tricks to keep things going smoothly, or just a little bit of encouragement, we have the pros and cons of opening a fashion boutique as a mompreneur. Read on to learn more about all the good and bad that come with taking this huge step.

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Photo credit: Ron Lach from Pexels via Canva.com

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The Pros

Let’s start with the fun stuff and all the positive things that can come out of opening your own fashion boutique as a mompreneur. This can be an exciting adventure that opens you up to all sorts of new opportunities and ways of learning and growing.


Running your own small business can be a way to foster your own personal, professional, and financial independence. Being a mom is such a wonderful and rewarding experience, but sometimes it can be hard to cultivate your own unique identity outside of it. Running your own small business is an excellent way to reclaim some of that identity and maintain your own independence.

A Learning Opportunity

We never stop learning and growing as people on this earth. Having something in your life that will shift and change your perspective is a way to expand your worldview and skill levels. Say you want to invest in brand video production, this will teach you how to market your company from new angles. There are so many learning opportunities available to you as the owner of a fashion boutique.

Get Exposed To The Latest Styles

When you run a fashion boutique, you get to see all of the D2C or wholesale boutique clothing and accessories before everyone else. This can help you to build out a brand vision and style. Having a clear vision of your store will be crucial for the success and longevity of your business. Think of your favorite style, now think of the first store that pops into your head—you can become that first stop for your customers.

Expose Your Children To Entrepreneurship

Having your own fashion boutique won’t just be a learning experience for you, it can be one for your children, as well. Being raised by a mompreneur will instill an excellent work ethic in your children, as well as prop up their own independence, increase their financial literacy, and get them to think about how they’d like to be when they enter the professional workforce. A mompreneur is good for the entire family.

Be Creative!

As the owner of your own boutique, you get to cultivate your creativity. From designing seasonal drops to helping your customers put together the perfect outfit for an occasion, there are so many ways where you can flex those creative muscles and push yourself personally and creatively.

These are just a few of the positive things that becoming a mompreneur can bring into your life. As a boutique owner, you can be a strong and positive role model for your children and carry that independence into every part of your life.

The Cons

Opening a fashion boutique won’t be all fun and creative—here are some of the cons of opening your own boutique.

Time Management

Perhaps the most difficult part of starting any sort of new endeavor is finding the proper time to do it. And every mom knows that their schedule is always full to the brim. Opening a fashion boutique is a lot of work, and scheduling that into your already busy schedule as a mom may be a bit too much.

Dealing with Ebbs and Flows

The economy is always changing and so are consumer habits. What consumers were doing a year ago is different than now, and different from what it will be in six months. You can’t always plan ahead when it comes to running a small business, and personal plans may have to adjust accordingly.

Making Sacrifices

Perhaps the most grueling part of being a small business owner is having to make sacrifices when it comes to your personal or professional life. At some point, something will happen that will impede one of your worlds and force you to make sacrifices. This can be extremely frustrating and draining. If you choose to open a fashion boutique, be prepared for all the positives and negatives that will bring into your life.

Upfront Cost

Two things in your life won’t be cheap—upfront operating costs and taking care of your children. There is really no way around the stresses of operating costs and keeping on top of all of your household expenses. If you wish to take this route, be sure to go into it with a solid financial plan.

The Downside of Independence

Endeavoring on a big project like this can end up being a lonely journey. Gaining independence also means needing to do things alone for a while, and that can take a toll. Be sure to seek out support from others around you.

These downsides shouldn’t be deal breakers if you’re committed to opening your own fashion boutique; they should only serve as guides for how to avoid common pitfalls and disadvantages. If it is your dream career to be a great mompreneur and open the busiest boutique in your hometown, then go for it! But, go for it with a solid plan.

Final Thoughts

When you take on the identity of ‘mom’ you take on so much more. Moms are caretakers, friends, chefs, teachers, and more. But the title of ‘mom’ should never stop you from doing what makes you happy. If you want to step into being a mompreneur then nothing should stand in your way. Make a plan, build community, lean on your support system, and crunch all of your numbers. Your dreams shouldn’t take a backseat when you become a mom, they should only shift and expand.

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