The Best Recession-Proof Jobs and Businesses for Moms

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The U.S. went through six recessions from 1980 to 2020, with the worst being the 2007 financial crisis. Many Americans lost money, homes, and jobs because of a recession. And it severely impacted their ability to take care of their families.

Unfortunately, many experts are saying the U.S. is showing signs of heading into another recession soon. So, you’re probably hyperfocused on ensuring you can take care of your children and family obligations despite economic uncertainty.

The good news is that there are recession-proof career options and business ideas tailored to working moms. Let’s look at some of the top choices to help you land on a pathway that ensures you’re financially stable and able to care for your family no matter what’s happening in our economy.

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Recession-Proof Jobs for Moms

It would be amazing if no one had to worry about losing their jobs during a recession because all careers and industries were strong enough to withstand it. But unfortunately, this isn’t and probably won’t ever be the case, especially for certain professions.

These five jobs are the most impacted by a recession:

  • Construction worker
  • Automotive Technician
  • Middle Managers
  • Wholesale Sales Representative
  • Assemblers and Fabricators

Being a part of the women paving the way in these predominantly male careers is admirable. Only 10.9% of the construction workforce is women. The automotive workforce is 25% women. And the manufacturing industry has about 30% women.

However, construction workers, automotive technicians, middle managers, wholesale sales reps, assemblers, and fabricators aren’t likely to experience the security and stability needed during a recession. These industries are impacted the most during swings in the economy and will typically start closing positions or experiencing layoffs as soon as these impacts are felt.

With this in mind, transitioning to a job more likely to provide job security and financial stability during a recession is worth considering. Especially since plenty of experts are anticipating further economic uncertainty in the near future.

You’ll feel a lot safer in a career that’s built to survive a recession, like a financial planner, teacher, or nurse.

Financial planner

No matter what the economy is doing, people are still using and managing money. In addition, financial planning services might be more in demand during economic downturns because that’s when people really need to assess their financial situations, redo their budgets, and ensure they’re still able to invest and save.

The salary for a financial planner can range from $40,000 to $170,000, with the average being around $82,000 according to Indeed. That’s a healthy salary that any working mom could establish financial stability with.

Also, you can work from home as a financial planner, giving you the flexibility you need to tend to family responsibilities.


Teaching is another recession-proof career that can offer a bright future for moms. Teachers aren’t as vulnerable in a recession because education must go on. Children and young adults are entitled to a quality education regardless of an economic downturn.

Although teachers don’t get paid nearly enough, you can still depend on a regular paycheck. You also receive benefits that are particularly helpful for moms.

For instance, depending on the school you work at and the age of your kids, they can attend the school you work at. You can enroll yourself and your family into your school district’s healthcare plan. You also get to take summers and breaks off with your child, helping you save on childcare expenses during these times.


Nursing is an incredibly reliable career path. It’s deemed recession-proof because there’s always a demand for nurses. The population is growing, health needs are ever-evolving, and nurses play a critical role in providing care.

You can enjoy steady work as a nurse. There are a variety of high-paying nursing jobs to choose from, like a Nurse Educator or a General Nurse Practitioner. Nursing also allows you to tap into your nurturing side.

Recession-Proof Business Ideas for Moms

Maybe working for someone else isn’t for you. Or, maybe you want to establish another source of income in addition to the check you get from your job. In either case, starting a recession-proof business is just as good of an option as a traditional career.

There’s no limit on how much you can make as a mompreneur, allowing you to increase your net worth and secure financial stability faster. You may have to work harder as a business owner. But you control your schedule and can ensure your family comes first.

If you’re leaning toward entrepreneurship, consider these two recession-proof business ideas first.

E-commerce shop

Everything shut down in 2020, however, e-commerce sales continued to soar despite this. People were shopping online more than ever during this time, and the online shopping trend continues today. E-commerce sales are expected to grow 11% from now to 2027.

An e-commerce shop is a recession-proof business because people are trending toward online shopping, not away from it. Also, people look for any way to save money during a recession. So, if they can save a trip to the store and gas money in the process, they will.

The products you sell in your shop are really what makes it recession-proof. You want to sell products that people have to buy no matter what, such as household necessities, personal hygiene products, or food.

You can make daily money with an e-commerce shop, helping you to secure the financial future you need to comfortably care for your kids no matter what’s happening in the world.

Content Creator

Many content creators make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year creating any kind of content you can think of, from videos to livestreams to articles. Recession or not, people are consuming content daily on various platforms.

You can take advantage of this by becoming a content creator yourself. Develop your skills, determine your niche, choose your platforms, find your audience, and start connecting with them through content. Then, you can find ways to get paid, like affiliate marketing and brand partnerships.

You can create content in between your family obligations to accommodate your busy schedule. How much you make is up to you. The demand for content doesn’t go away with a recession. You can also create content with your kids and partner to make this a family business and even more fun.

Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to navigate economic uncertainties as a single person. But when you’re a mom and have to balance family responsibilities while surviving a recession, the level of difficulty multiplies.

Getting a recession-proof job or starting a business that can withstand economic uncertainties will ensure security and stability for your family no matter what.

Comb through the suggested recession-proof jobs and business ideas above. Weigh them against your family obligations, personal interests, abilities, and resources. And take your time choosing which direction, whether a career or business, is right for you and your family.

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