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50+ Summer-Themed Baby Names

summer baby names

Choosing a baby name for your little one is an exciting (and also very important) task. As parents, we often put a lot of thought into selecting the perfect name for our new bundle of love.

And Major League Mommy wants to help you with that big decision.

summer baby

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Summer-themed baby names are perfect for parents welcoming a baby in the summer and want to find a name that celebrates the season.

Here are 50+ summer baby names with their meanings to help you find the perfect fit!


Summer Baby Names Inspired by Nature

Adhira: Lightning

Ainsley: meadow

Amaya: Night Rain

Arnav: Ocean

Breeze: English name that means “gentle wind”.

Briar: Thorny Bush

Dhara: Earth

Indigo: Reflection of the sea

Kai: Ocean or sea

River: Stream

Ocean: Body of water

Oceana: Ocean

Wren: Tiny Bird

Yara: Small Butterfly

Zephyr: West Wind


Baby Names from Summer Flowers

Alyssa: noble, a medicinal flower

Dahlia: a flower in the sunflower and daisy family

Daisy: Eye of the Day

Gaillardia: small flowers that can tolerate dry weather

Iris: Rainbow

Jasmine: Flower

Lantana: a type of flower that thrives in hot climates

Lily: Flower

Poppy: red-orange summer flower

Rose: flower

Sage: Wise

Sharon: Rose of Sharon shrubs

Tulip: Perfect love

Violet: Violet flower

Zinnia: resilient summer flower


Baby Names Related to Sunlight

Alayna: Beautiful

Cyrus: sun

Elio: sun

Halo: Divine Light

Ishaan: Lord of the Sun

Lucy: light

Phoebe: radiant, one who shines

Xavier: Bright

Xia: “glow of sunrise”

Zara: Bright


Other Summer-Themed Baby Names

Aayat: Miracle

Amani: Wishes

August: the month

Celeste: Heavenly

Clara: bright, clear

Eden: Paradise

Gemma: Precious stone

Honey: Sweet, nectar

Isla: island

Jade: Precious Stone

June: the month

July: the month

Opal: Jewel

Pearl: Gem

Sienna: orange-red

Summer: season

Tessa: Harvester


What is your favorite baby name from this list? Feel free to share in the comments!



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