5 Tips to Starting Your “Mompreneur” Journey

by Anya Willis
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Perhaps you left a traditional 9-to-5 job when you had children. And you don’t necessarily want to go back to an office job – but you’d like to establish your own income stream and spend some time focusing on your next career move.

Entrepreneurship could be the perfect fit for you, and these tips from Major League Mommy can help you become a “mompreneur” and build your business!

Furthermore, these guidelines will show you how to hone in on the right business idea, design unique business cards, and manage your other responsibilities as a mompreneur.


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Outline Your Business Idea

To nail down your business idea, think about the skills and resources you already possess. Then, consider your interests – what are you most passionate about, and how can you turn that passion into a profit?

If you need inspiration, Women Who Money recommends becoming a tutor, selling homemade arts and crafts, offering consulting services, writing your very own blog, freelance writing, or selling digital products like online courses.

You could even start with one of these side hustle ideas and turn it into a full-time career. 

Launch Your Business

Once you’ve chosen an idea, what do you need to do in order to officially launch your business?

For many, this starts with forming an LLC or setting up another business structure. But there are many other steps involved in launching a business as well.

Business News Daily recommends conducting market research to determine your target audience, selecting a structure, mapping out a general business plan, and defining your budget, as well as estimating some basic revenue projections.

You, of course, will need to have your business systems, products, and services ready to go before opening to the public.

When you’ve got these pieces in place, you’re ready for launch day!

Promote Your Company With Business Cards

If you’re a mompreneur who is primarily working from home, you’ll probably want to prioritize digital marketing.

You’ll have to create a website dedicated to your business, and you’ll also want to spend some time on social media marketing.

However, you don’t want to neglect print marketing, either!

It’s a good idea to design business cards that you can easily hand out to friends, family, and potential customers.

Compared to sending an email, giving out a business card will leave a lasting impression – and your customers will have something of yours to hold on to.

To create your personal business card, give this a try: choose a pre-made template, then add the images, text, and color scheme that you want.

Manage Childcare and Work

As a mom, your children are your first priority, and in your first few months of entrepreneurship, it can be tough to juggle childcare and work. You’ll need to ensure that your home office is baby-proofed, so cover up sharp corners and outlets when possible, and try to keep wires hidden. You may want to consider asking a relative for help around the house for certain blocks of time during the work week. Try to schedule important tasks like meetings for your kids’ nap times!

Prioritize Balance

Yes, you have an ever-growing to-do list as a mom and business owner – but you deserve some downtime, too!

To ensure that you get some free time, talk to your partner about managing your schedule fairly and helping each other out in this area.

For instance, could you choose a specific block of time to hit the gym while your partner takes care of the kids?

By swapping childcare responsibilities during your “free time blocks,” you and your partner can create an equitable arrangement and give each other some much-needed breathing room.

Many moms find it easier to run small businesses from home than return to a full-time job.

As an entrepreneur, you can take on as much or as little work as you want and set your own schedule! With these tips, you’ll be ready to tackle your business launch, hand out business cards, and cultivate balance in your life as an entrepreneur and mother.

Looking for tips on creating a balanced lifestyle as a mother and mompreneur? Stay tuned to Major League Mommy! Check out the blog today for essential parenting resources and life tips.


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