When and How to Start Estate Planning

by Anita Ginsburg
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Estate planning is an essential process in safeguarding your assets and providing for your loved ones after your passing. It encompasses a wide range of legal strategies that can ensure your wishes are followed, your legacy is protected, and your heirs are provided for.

However, many people tend to put off estate planning until it is too late, which can have significant consequences on their assets and beneficiaries. This blog post will explore when and how to start estate planning.

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Why Start Estate Planning Now?

One of the main reasons why you should start estate planning now is because life is unpredictable. We never know when something unexpected could happen that would leave our loved ones in a difficult situation. Whether it is an illness, an accident, or sudden death, having an estate plan can provide peace of mind knowing that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes.

Furthermore, if you wait too long to start estate planning, you risk losing control over how your assets will be distributed and may incur unnecessary costs that could have been avoided.

How to Start Estate Planning

The first step to start estate planning is to gather information about your assets and liabilities, including bank accounts, retirement plans, investments, real estate, and any debts. This will help you determine the value of your estate and what should be included in your estate plan.

Then, you should consider who you want to be your beneficiaries and how you want your assets to be distributed. You can do this by creating a will, which is a legal document that outlines your wishes. Additionally, you may want to consider creating a trust, which can provide additional benefits such as avoiding probate, protecting your assets from creditors, and minimizing estate taxes.

Who Should Be Involved in Estate Planning?

Estate planning involves several parties, including an attorney who can provide legal guidance, an accountant who can advise you on tax implications, and your beneficiaries who should be aware of your intentions.

It is essential to choose a qualified attorney who specializes in estate planning, as they can help you navigate complex legal issues and ensure your plan is legally binding. It is also recommended to involve your heirs in the planning process, as it can help prevent disputes and misunderstandings later on.

When to Review and Update Your Estate Plan

Once you have created an estate plan, it is crucial to review and update it periodically to reflect any changes in your life circumstances, such as marriage, divorce, birth, or death.

Additionally, changes in tax laws or policies may affect your estate plan, and it is crucial to keep up with these changes to ensure your estate plan is still effective.

Benefits of Virtual Trust Drafting Consultation

In recent years, Virtual Trust Drafting Consultation has become an increasingly popular option for estate planning. Virtual consultations provide a convenient and flexible way to work with an attorney without having to leave your home.

This option is particularly beneficial for individuals who have mobility issues, live in remote areas, or have busy schedules. Additionally, virtual consultations are often less expensive than in-person meetings.

Estate planning is an often overlooked aspect of financial planning, but it is essential to ensure your legacy is protected and your wishes are followed. Starting estate planning early can help you avoid unnecessary complications and costs later on.

By working with a qualified attorney, involving your beneficiaries, and keeping your plan up to date, you can safeguard your assets and provide for your loved ones. Virtual trust drafting consultation is an excellent option for individuals who seek the convenience and flexibility of working remotely. Start estate planning now so you can have peace of mind knowing that your legacy is secure.


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