50+ Spring-Themed Baby Names

by Briana Marie
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‘Tis the season for rainy days, warmer weather, and Easter egg hunts. But if your due date is in the Spring you may have another subject on your mind right now . . . baby names.

So if you’re in the group of individuals looking for a baby name for your child due in the spring. Here are some unique and beautiful spring-themed ideas to consider. 

spring baby names

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Spring Baby Names for Girls

Abril– April (Latin)
Anastasia– “Resurrection”
April– the fourth month of the year 
Aurora– “Dawn”
Aviva– springtime, renewal
Avril– April (French)
Aya– “colorful”
Azalea– the name of a flower
Blossom– to bloom
Brooke– water, stream of water
Calla– the name of a flower
Cerelia– “Goddess of the Harvest”
Claire– clear, bright, light in color
Clover– meadow flower, luck
Daffodil– the name of a flower
Dahlia– the name of a flower
Daisy– the name of a flower
Eartha– “earth”
Eden-“place of pleasure” (Hebrew)
Flora– Flower (Latin)
Florence– flowering, blooming, flourishing
Gen– Spring (Japanese)
Iris– “goddess of the rainbow”
Ivy– climbing vine plant
Jade– mineral, precious green stone
Juniper– the name of a plant
Lilac– the name of a flower
Lily– the name of a flower, purity, innocence
May– the fifth month of the year
Meadow– a grassy field
Olive– from the Olive tree
Orchid– the name of a flower
Pascala– “Easter child”
Petunia– the name of a flower
Poppy– the name of a flower
Primavera– Spring (Spanish/Italian)
Rain– “abundant blessings from above”
River– body of water
Robin– the name of a bird, “bright fame”
Rose– the name of a flower
Sunny– happy, cheerful, bright, sunshine
Terra– earth (Latin)
Verna– spring green (Latin)
Violet– the name of a flower
Willow– the name of a type of tree


Spring Baby Names for Boys

Aviv– renewal, Spring season
Cypress– the name of a type of tree
Eden– “place of pleasure and delight” (Hebrew)
Enfys– rainbow (Welsh)
Haruki- spring, “spring child”
Javier– Spanish version of Xavier, “new house”
Leif– descendant, another spelling for” leaf”
Maxwell– “great stream” (Scottish)
Navin– New (Sanskrit)
Neo– new
Pascal- “Easter child”
Pascoe– Easter (Cornish)
Rain– “abundant blessings from above”
River– body of water
Sonny– young boy, another spelling for “sunny”
Vasant– Spring (Sanskrit)
Verde– green
Xavier– “new house”


What are some other spring-themed names you would add to this list? Please feel free to share in the comments!




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