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Exciting Spring/Summer Activities to Break the Screentime Habit

by Erika Robertson
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Few moments can top the magic of those first few days of spring. The days get longer, the sun shines brighter, and the air is filled with that unmistakable burst of energy. Spring and Summer are made for outdoor fun. And there are no better seasons to finally lure your kids away from their screens. But any parent knows that breaking a powerful screen addiction is easier said than done.

When competing with addictive apps like Instagram and TikTok, you’ll need a stockpile of fun activities. Luckily, our guide to getting the little ones up and moving makes it easy.

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Make A Splash

Nothing screams summer quite like a backyard oasis. Inground, inflatable, or somewhere in between, no kid can resist the siren call of a cold pool on a hot day. Make sure yours is ready to go with inflatable toys and floaties. Keep a sport swimsuit, sunscreen, and goggles on hand so your kid is ready to go when aquatic inspiration strikes.

Consider investing in a slip-and-slide mat for your backyard setup for an even bigger splash. Find a space clear from obstacles or sharp objects and securely anchor your mat with weights or stakes. Keep the hose running over the mat so the slip-and-slide stays, well, slippery. Line the kids up, and let the fun and laughter begin.

Camp Under the Stars

A backyard campout is one of those classic summer activities that creates cherished memories for generations. Nailing the vibe is all about striking a balance between outdoor adventure and cozy retreat. Transforming your backyard into a camper’s paradise is easier than you might think.

First things first, you will need a tent. Look for a flat, clear area in your backyard with enough space to set up comfortably. Next, gather your coziest sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows to create a plush snuggling space. Don’t forget to bring any stuffed animal friends who may want to join the adventure!

The rest is about creating an unforgettable setting for your DIY camp night. Set up camping chairs around a crackling fire pit for roasting marshmallows. String up fairy lights to create a magical ambiance. Embrace the spirit of adventure by stargazing, playing outdoor games, or telling scary ghost stories.

Remember to stock up on camping essentials like bug spray, trail mix, and board games. Just leave the screens back at the “main lodge.” This night is all about enjoying each other’s company under the stars.

Family Outings

Sometimes, parents need a screen break, too. So why not find an activity the whole family can enjoy? There’s no shortage of options for family-friendly adventures in spring and summer. Find a local hiking trail, gather snacks for a picnic, or cycle along nature paths for a scenic adventure. For families that move more leisurely, a museum trip or boat tour can make a great summer memory. Grab a Hazmat bowling ball for Friday night fun and take the family to the bowling alley. It’s not the activity that matters but that you enjoy it together.

If You Can’t Beat em, Join em

Cutting technology off cold turkey is a shock and likely to end in tears and tantrums when you’ve got a severe screen addict on your hands. For those who prefer the path of least resistance, using addictive apps to your advantage can be a sneaky way to get the kids up and moving. While your child can easily waste hours scrolling through mindless videos on TikTok, the app is also packed with wildly creative ideas for real-life games, crafts, and activities. Encourage your kid to find one or two inspiring videos, then help them recreate their favorites in real life.

Creative Ways to Use Addictive Apps to Make Screentime More Useful

Hold a Dance off

TikTok is is best known for its viral dance challenges. So why not get the kids involved? With hundreds of simple, kid-friendly challenges, there’s sure to be one to get them up and moving.

Holding a TikTok dance-off is a great activity when you’re on a budget or don’t have time to invest in complicated lessons. All you need is time to help your child to learn their best moves. Once they’ve nailed their routine, it’s time for a recital — no equipment necessary.

DIY Crafts

From tie-dye to slime-making, there’s no shortage of kid-friendly craft tutorials on TikTok. Encourage your kids to find fun tutorials and try making their crafts. You may even uncover a new hidden passion.

Cooking and Baking

TikTok is full of delicious cooking and baking tutorials for aspiring chefs. Kids can try out simple recipes or baking hacks they discover while browsing the app. Don’t shy away from letting them try more complex recipes with your supervision. Cooking is a great way to encourage tactile creativity and build skills for growing minds.

Art and Drawing

TikTok is a conrucopia for up-and-coming young Picassos who may want to refine their craft through art tutorials. From simple cartoon drawings to complex painted creations, there’s sure to be a tutorial to enhance your child’s artistic skills. If your child needs more structure, try downloading free coloring pages that they can fill in with markers or crayons.

Science Experiments

Although TikTok is better known for dance challenges and conspiracy theories, there’s a whole corner dedicated to fun and educational science experiments. At-home science experiments are the perfect way to beat boredom while simultaneously sneaking in some education. You can also sign up for a Science Kit subscription during these seasons to try a new and unique experiment every month! MEL Science Kits come with video instructions to guide you through which is really useful.

It’s ​​Worth the Effort

Getting your kids involved in these fun spring/summer activities is a labor of love with all the distractions of modern technology. However, the reward is well worth the effort. Activities are all about building up your child’s passions and skills for the future. And they may even find a new lifelong talent. The good news is that once your kid experiences how much fun there is to be had away from their devices, the screens will eventually become far less appealing. You can thank us later.

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