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I Found a Solution for Mealtime Burnout, and Now I’m Obsessed

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Mealtime burnout is a common problem that many people face, especially those of us feeding an entire family.

The stress of planning and preparing meals day after day can become overwhelming and exhausting. This can lead to unhealthy eating habits and overall dissatisfaction with mealtime.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can help alleviate this problem and that’s what we’re going to explore in today’s article.

Now, for those who are still reading, let’s get to the good stuff!

couple cooking together while looking at phone Photo Credit: Nicolas Menijes via
Photo Credit: Nicolas Menijes via

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The Solution

Just MEATS offers a subscription box service that delivers ready-to-cook restaurant-quality meats directly to your doorstep. We’ve been taking advantage of this service in my household and it has been absolutely amazing!

One of the main benefits of using Just MEATS is the convenience it offers. Instead of having to go to the grocery store and spend time selecting meats, and then coming home to prep and cook the meats, Just MEATS delivers them right to your door ready to cook in just 2 minutes! This literally saves you time and effort in meal planning and preparation.

In addition to convenience, Just MEATS also provides variety. They offer a selection of meats prepared with different sauces and seasonings, allowing you to try new recipes and experiment with different flavors. This helps to keep mealtime exciting and prevents mealtime burnout.

The quality of the meats provided by Just MEATS is honestly exceptional. Just look at my honest review HERE. I seriously can’t recommend them enough for busy folks wanting delicious proteins in less time.

Just MEATS subscription box Photo Credit: Just MEATS
Photo Credit: Just MEATS

Why I’m Obsessed with Just MEATS

As you can see, I am definitely a fan of Just MEATS. As a matter of fact, my husband and kids love Just MEATS too which is a major win! It has completely transformed my meal planning and preparation routine.

One of the things I love most about Just MEATS is how it has made meal planning so much easier. With the meats already prepared and delivered to my doorstep, I don’t have to spend hours at the grocery store trying to figure out what meats to buy. This saves me a lot of time and stress. It also saves me time when cooking (it literally takes just 2 minutes in the skillet) and allows us to experiment with new meals.

Just MEATS has also made mealtime more enjoyable. The variety of meats we receive allows me to get creative with my cooking and try out new recipes. I have discovered so many delicious meals thanks to Just MEATS. My kids are also loving the themed dinner nights we’ve been doing using our Just MEATS.

If you’re looking to simplify your mealtime routine and add some excitement to your meals, I highly recommend giving Just MEATS a try. With the 35% discount on your first subscription order and an additional $10 off using code MAJORLEAGUEMOMMY, it’s the perfect opportunity to experience the convenience, variety, and quality that Just MEATS has to offer.

Other Solutions for Mealtime Burnout

When it comes to mealtime burnout, there are several other solutions you can consider to help you come up with new meal ideas, keep mealtimes interesting, and simplify the meal-planning process for your family.

Get inspiration from cookbooks or cooking websites

There are countless cookbooks and cooking websites that offer a wide range of recipes and meal ideas (and you can’t forget Pinterest!). Explore different cuisines, themes, or ingredients to keep things interesting. You can also find websites that allow you to input the ingredients you have on hand and provide you with recipe suggestions.

Try meal kit delivery services

Just MEATS provides the proteins for your dinner, but you can also try a full meal kit delivery service that provides pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step instructions for preparing meals at home. They often offer a variety of recipes to choose from each week, making it easy to try new dishes without the hassle of planning or grocery shopping.

Join a recipe swap group

Consider joining a recipe swap group where members share their favorite recipes with each other. This can be a great way to discover new dishes and get inspiration from others who enjoy cooking.

Experiment with different cooking techniques

Instead of sticking to your usual cooking methods, challenge yourself to try different cooking techniques. You can explore grilling, roasting, stir-frying, or even experimenting with sous vide cooking. This can bring new flavors and textures to your meals.

Incorporate theme nights

Theme nights can add excitement to your meal planning. Choose different themes such as Mexican night, Italian night, or Meatless Mondays, and plan meals accordingly. This can make mealtimes more enjoyable and provide an opportunity to try new recipes.

Make use of leftovers

Instead of viewing leftovers as a burden, find creative ways to transform them into new dishes. For example, leftover roasted chicken can be turned into a delicious chicken salad and leftover grilled vegetables can be added to omelets or used as a pizza topping. This not only reduces food waste but also adds variety to your meals.

Utilize your pantry staples

Take a look at the items already in your pantry and find ways to incorporate them into your meals. Canned beans, pasta, rice, and various spices can be the base for many tasty and easy-to-make dishes. Don’t underestimate the potential of your pantry when it comes to creating delicious meals.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, mealtime burnout can be addressed in a few ways. Just MEATS subscription box is one such solution that simplifies the meal planning process by delivering ready-to-cook meats straight to your door.

Additionally, other solutions like finding inspiration from cookbooks and cooking websites, trying meal kit delivery services, joining recipe swap groups, experimenting with different cooking techniques, incorporating theme nights, making use of leftovers, and utilizing pantry staples can keep mealtimes interesting and help you avoid burnout.


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