From Movie Marathons to Spa Nights: These 12 Sleepover Ideas Will Keep Your Teens Entertained All Night Long

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Ah, the sleepover. A time-honored tradition for teens everywhere. But let’s face it, keeping a group of teenagers entertained all night long can be a challenge.


If you’re planning a sleepover for your teen and their friends, we know it can be tough to come up with ideas that will keep everyone entertained and engaged all night long.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

From movie marathons to spa nights, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best sleepover ideas that will keep teens entertained all night long.

So let’s get to it!

sleepover selfie photo credit: gradyreese from Getty Images Signature via
Photo Credit: gradyreese from Getty Images Signature via

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Planning the Sleepover

First things first, let’s talk about planning the sleepover, as this is obviously a very important part of the process.

Having a theme for the sleepover adds an extra element of excitement and can make it easier to plan out activities for the night. It also allows the teens to immerse themselves in a particular concept and makes the event even more memorable.

Some popular sleepover themes and ideas include:

  • Indoor glamping
  • Movie night
  • Spa night
  • Carnival fun
  • Glow in the dark
  • Game night
  • Dance party

In addition to the theme, you may also choose to send out creative and fun sleepover invitations. You can design invitations that match the chosen theme, whether it’s in the form of movie tickets, mini spa kits, or glow-in-the-dark wristbands. This not only sets the tone for the event but also gets everyone excited to attend the sleepover. (But please don’t hesitate to have your teen just send out a simple text invitation if you just want things to be nice and easy).

Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover for Teens

Alright, now let’s talk about some fun things the kids can do during this slumber party.

1. Play a game of Truth or Dare: This classic sleepover game is always a hit and is typical in a lineup of sleepover activities. Participants take turns asking each other a question that the other person must answer truthfully or complete a dare. It’s really that simple.

2. Have a talent show: Encourage your teens to showcase their talents, whether it’s singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or any other skill they have. This can be a fun and entertaining activity that allows everyone to show off their abilities and maybe even learn something new about each other.

3. Explore indoor camping: Set up tents or create a cozy indoor sleeping space with air mattresses, cots, and/or pillows for a unique camping experience. The kids can tell campfire stories, roast marshmallows, and even play camping-themed games to make it feel more authentic. Don’t forget the s’mores! Recreating this s’mores bar is definitely a great idea.

4. Host a movie marathon: Choose a selection of movies that everyone will enjoy and have a cozy movie night. Provide plenty of snacks and blankets for a comfortable viewing experience. You can even have the party space decorated to look like an actual movie theater with a concession stand and everything!

5. Have a spa night: Pamper your child and their guests with a DIY spa night. Set up stations for facemasks, manicures, pedicures, and massages. You can also play calming music and create a relaxing ambiance with scented candles. If you want to go all out, you can hire a mobile spa party service.

6. Create sleep masks from scratch: Engage in a fun craft activity by making sleep masks. Provide materials like fabric, elastic bands, and decorations like beads or sequins. Let the kids’ creativity shine as they design and personalize their own sleep masks.

7. Host a game night: Gather a variety of board games, card games, and party games for an entertaining game night. Encourage friendly competition and laughter among friends.

8. Have a karaoke night: Set up a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app on your phone. (We also highly recommend these fun karaoke microphones!) Sing your hearts out to your favorite tunes and have a blast performing together.

9. Repurpose old clothes and have a fashion show: Let the kids get creative by transforming old clothes into fashionable outfits. Encourage your teens to mix and match items, and then have a fashion show to showcase their unique styles.

10. Do a craft project or try a unique science project: Engage in a hands-on activity like making friendship bracelets, painting, or conducting a cool science experiment (you can find some really great ones HERE!). This will not only be entertaining but also educational and creative.

11. Have a photo booth: Set up a photo booth corner with props and a camera or smartphone for capturing hilarious and memorable moments. Encourage your teens to strike poses and have fun taking pictures.

12. Play a murder mystery game: Organize a murder mystery game where participants have to solve a fictional crime. You can make your life easier by buying a murder mystery party kit. This interactive and engaging activity will keep everyone intrigued and entertained.

Additional Tips for a Successful Sleepover

  • Consider the length of any movies and the noise level to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Set an event curfew to respect the neighbors and maintain a peaceful environment.
  • If you’re planning a spa night and using professional services, make sure you have some cash on hand to tip the service providers.
  • Consider renting a larger space or clearing out a room to give the teens more space to move around and have fun.
  • Establish clear rules beforehand to ensure a fun and safe night for all participants.

Wrapping Up

These 12 sleepover ideas are a great way to keep your teens entertained (and hopefully out of trouble) all night long. From playing games, exploring creative activities, and indulging in relaxation and pampering, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Please feel free to share some more safe and fun stuff to do at a sleepover with teens in the comments!

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