Mind-Blowing Science Experiments to Do with Your Kids at Home

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Teaching kids science at home can be incredibly useful for their educational development. It can also be a really great way to give kids a break from their screen time while allowing them to discover something new.

So, today, we are going to be discussing various science experiments that can be easily conducted at home.

Additionally, we will provide you with the details on all the necessary tools and resources to ensure a safe and enjoyable learning experience.

So let’s get to it!

girl doing science experiments Photo Credit: Polina Tankilevich from corelens via Canva.com

Photo Credit: Polina Tankilevich from corelens via Canva.com

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STEM Science Experiments

All of the following STEM experiments can be done using the STEM science kits found here.

Racecar with a Spring Engine

MEL Science Kits offers an exciting opportunity for kids to build their own racecar powered by a spring engine. This experiment not only teaches fundamental concepts of physics but also encourages creativity and problem-solving skills.

Hydraulic Lift

Another fascinating experiment with MEL Science Kits involves the construction of a hydraulic lift. By understanding the principles of hydraulics, children can explore the concepts of pressure and force while constructing this hands-on project. You can check out the hydraulic lift we built HERE!

Infinity Portal

The MEL Science project called the “Infinity Portal,” allows children to explore the wonderful world of mirror reflections. By creating their own infinite reflection tunnel, kids can discover and learn about the physical laws behind this fascinating phenomenon.

Music Box

MEL Science offers a kit that enables children to assemble their own music box while exploring the principles of sound waves. This experiment is a perfect combination of science and creativity, fostering a deeper understanding of acoustics. Pro Tip: You can also use this experiment as part of a music lesson.

Earthquake-Resistant Buildings

Through the Earthquakes MEL Science Kit, kids can learn how to construct buildings capable of withstanding the force of an earthquake. This experiment provides a hands-on approach to comprehend engineering concepts and helps develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Space Science Experiments

All of the following Space science experiments can be done using the Space science kits found here.

Rocket Launch

Encourage your child’s curiosity about space with the Rocket MEL Science Kit, which allows kids to launch their very own space rocket. This experiment introduces the basics of rocket propulsion and sparks an interest in aerospace exploration.

Water Recovery Systems

The Water Recovery Systems MEL Science Kit provides an opportunity for kids to learn about the challenges of water purification in space. By conducting various experiments, children can explore innovative techniques for cleaning water in a challenging environment.

Model of Jupiter

With the Gas Giants Science Kit from MEL Science, children can build a realistic model of Jupiter. This experiment not only teaches kids about the largest planet in our solar system but also introduces them to concepts like planetary composition and scale modeling.

Physics Science Experiments

All of the following Physics science experiments can be done using the Physics science kits found here.


Kids can make their own liquid nightlight with the Luminescence MEL Science Kit. This kit provides all the necessary materials and instructions for creating a unique and glowing nightlight using special luminescent substances.

Electric Motor

Another exciting experiment is building an electric motor with the “Electric Motor” set by MEL Science. Kids can learn about electromagnetic principles and construct a working motor using the provided components.

Glasses Vision Physics

For those interested in vision physics, the “Glasses” Vision Physics Set by MEL Science enables kids to build their own 3D goggles. This experiment explores how our eyes perceive depth and helps children understand the science behind 3D visuals.

Magnetic Levitation

This Magnetic Levitation Set offers an incredible experiment where kids can make a rod levitate using magnetic forces. This hands-on activity introduces concepts of magnetism and levitation in a captivating way.

Create Your Own Mic and Speaker

With the “Mic and Speaker” experiment, children can learn about sound waves and create their own speaker and microphone. This experiment allows kids to understand the basics of sound and how it can be amplified using simple components.

Chemistry Science Experiments

All of the following Chemistry science experiments can be done using the Chemistry science kits found here.

Set Hydrogen Foam on Fire

Using the But Will it Burn MEL Science Kit, kids can set hydrogen foam on fire and learn about combustion. This experiment demonstrates the flammability of hydrogen and the principles of a chemical reaction.

Set Fire Using Pure Oxygen

For older kids, this Oxygen Science Kit provides an experiment where they can set a fire using pure oxygen. This activity focuses on oxidizers and reducers and emphasizes the importance of oxygen in combustion.

Build Your Own Battery

The Zinc-carbon Battery Kit allows kids to build their own working battery. Through this experiment, children gain an understanding of the chemical reactions that occur within a battery and how electrical energy is produced.

Medicine Science Experiments

All of the following Medical science experiments can be done using the Medicine science kits found here.

Filling a Tooth

The Dentistry: Caries MEL Science Kit provides an opportunity for kids to practice removing the damaged part of a tooth using a dental burr and make dental fillings. This experiment introduces concepts of dentistry and allows children to learn about dental procedures in a safe and educational manner.

Make Your Own ECG

With the ECG MEL Science Kit, kids can learn how to take their own electrocardiogram (ECG). This experiment familiarizes children with the medical device used to measure heart activity and helps them understand the basics of the human cardiovascular system.

Practice Basic Surgical Skills

The Surgery MEL Science Kit offers an exciting opportunity for kids to learn basic surgical skills. They can make incisions in artificial skin and practice applying stitches, providing a hands-on understanding of surgical procedures and promoting dexterity.

Where to Find The Tools and Lesson Plans for These Experiments

All the necessary tools and lesson plans for these experiments can be found in the MEL Science Kits. To start your MEL Science subscription and gain access to a wide range of exciting experiments, visit their website and follow the instructions to subscribe.

Wrapping Up

MEL Science Kits offer so many fun ways for kids (and parents) to explore different scientific concepts. Additionally, these kits provide hands-on learning experiences, spark curiosity, and encourage critical thinking. By subscribing to MEL Science, children can explore various scientific concepts and conduct a wide variety of experiments in the comfort of their own homes.

You can also talk to the administration at your child’s school to see if they’d be interested in bringing some of these MEL Science projects into the classroom!

Which one of the experiments above would be something you’d try at home with your kids? Feel free to share in the comments!

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