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Ways to Save Money on Hotel Costs For Your Child’s Competitive Sports Travel

Tips to save money on sports travel

If you have been following my Sports Mom posts, you may have caught my Tips For Sports Moms to Reboot During Off-Season. One of the tips I give involves outlining a plan for when the season starts back. Part of the plan should include preparation for travel costs. A lot of stress is eliminated when you are well prepared. Not sure where to start? Check out these Ways to Save Money on Hotel Costs For Your Child’s Competitive Sports Travel.

Tips to save money on sports travel

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Plan ahead as early as possible

If you already know which locations you will be traveling to throughout the season, you can start looking at the hotels to book early. Many hotels offer advance purchase rates. You can save quite a bit of money throughout the season just by booking early. This will also help you to get first dibs on rooms before the rooms sell out for the tournament.


Try to book as a team

You can get a much better deal on a block of rooms than you would an individual room. If possible, try to coordinate with the rest of the team for you to all book at once.


Take advantage of hotel loyalty programs

Sign up for loyalty rewards programs for hotels you frequently book. If you have to spend so much time in hotels, you might as well earn some rewards in the process. You can even earn points for free hotel stays which is a really great bonus!


Utilize hotel booking engines

Hotel search engines such as Hotels 4 Teams can be utilized to find the best deals closest to the tournament. In one spot, you can find all of your best options. This takes a lot of the extra work out of deal hunting for lodging.


You don’t have to break the bank throughout the season trying to cover hotel stays. It is possible to save a great deal of money on sports travel, and still be comfortable in close proximity to all the action.


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