Red and Gold Baby Shower Ideas for a Glamorous Affair

by Indiana Lee
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The red and gold baby shower theme is becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they’re gender-neutral. Whether the family doesn’t want to know the gender of their baby or they just want to keep things simple, the red and gold color palette fits the bill. The red and gold color scheme is perfect for a baby girl and for baby boys.

Secondly, these colors practically scream elegance. Many people associate them with royalty and will include things like gold balloons, crowns, and jewels in the theme to welcome a little prince or princess. 

Whatever special touches you choose to add, it’s easy to host a red and gold baby shower, even if you’re on a budget. With a little inspiration and some creativity, you can create a memorable and elegant special event for family and friends that will get everyone even more excited to meet the new bundle of joy. 

So, whether you’re a party planner, best friend, family member, or an expectant parent, let’s cover a few red and gold baby shower ideas to help you pull off a truly spectacular baby shower.

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Stick With the Party Theme

If you want a red and gold themed baby shower, go beyond basic party decor. Instead, make it your entire theme. It will make life much easier for you to stick with one theme from start to finish. Some of the best ways to maintain a consistent theme in every aspect of your party include: 

  • Sending out red and gold baby shower invitations
  • Asking your party guests to dress in those colors
  • Planning activities in line with your theme
  • Considering a themed menu
  • Include red and gold details in all of your decor
  • Use gold fairy lights and beautiful candles to set the mood.

Of course, decor is important, and probably the easiest way to drive your theme home. But, by maintaining a cohesive theme from the moment your guests receive an invitation to the favors you send them home with, you’ll add a touch of elegance and help to ensure they don’t forget this special occasion any time soon. Deciding on your theme early on will also help you stay within your budget because you’ll be less likely to impulse buy things you don’t need. The great thing is, that there are plenty of red and gold complete baby shower kits and baby shower party supplies you can use when decorating your space.  As a matter of fact, you can find some absolutely adorable baby shower decorations right on Amazon.

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Other Things to Consider

Planning the perfect baby shower takes time and effort. You’ll need to consider the guest list, the season, how long you want the shower to be, the perfect menu, and more. But, when you start with a specific theme in mind, you’ll be able to cross things off of your list much faster, and there won’t be any confusion about what guests can expect when they arrive. You might also give your guests some insight into what kind of gifts they should buy that would be appropriate for the theme, including red and gold clothes, toys, and bathtime gear.

Choose the Right Location

A baby shower can be held just about anywhere, from someone’s home to a church hall, or even an outdoor venue. If you’re on a budget and still want to invite a lot of people to your shower, consider hosting it at home, but opening it up to be an outdoor gathering. Going outside allows you to have more space for fun games and activities, and it gives people the chance to spread out and mingle. It also makes it easier for your decorations to pop. 

When you’re hosting a gathering in your backyard, there are several things that you should do to make your outdoor space more inviting. Begin by making sure every space has a purpose. Consider mapping out zones for things like food, games, and opening presents. Make sure you have comfortable furniture and enough space for everyone to sit and relax. Baby showers are supposed to be fun and entertaining, so comfort is key!

It’s a good rule of thumb to always make sure you have some kind of shelter for your outdoor area. If you have enough room to bring people inside if it rains, that’s perfect. If not, consider investing in a tent or some type of overhang that will keep your guests safe and dry if the weather turns. 

Finally, don’t forget about lighting! While many baby showers are held during the day, a red and gold theme could be extra elegant at night and really add to the royal feel of the event. Things like globe lights, candles, and twinkle lights will make your party feel extra special while providing adequate lighting for everyone to enjoy. These are a great choice of decorative lighting and give you the opportunity to make your party feel more expensive than it really is, since the colors will be more vibrant at night. 

Bring it All Together

It should be easy enough to find red and gold decor, including mylar balloons, cake toppers, streamers, tablecloths, and table decor. But, earlier we touched on consistency throughout your party. What can you do to drive your theme home when it comes to food, games, and favors? 

The Food

First, consider the time of day you’re serving food. If your shower is mid-morning or early afternoon, serving brunch items would be appropriate. For a red and gold theme, however, you might lean toward an evening party. Or, it might be even easier to only serve desserts. What’s more elegant and unforgettable than red velvet cupcakes with gold-leaf frosting? 

But don’t feel obligated to overdo it on your menu. People typically don’t expect full meals at a baby shower. A few key dishes that reflect your theme will be more than enough to satisfy your guests. Consider making your own food, rather than hiring a caterer or baker, to save money. You can also ask your guests to bring one of their favorite dishes to save on time, effort, and cost. 

The Games

Incorporating colors into your games is also easier than it sounds. Many baby shower games involve writing things down or guessing specific details about the parents. Use colored stationery, and offer prizes in red and gold bags or wrapping paper. They’re small touches that can make a big difference in the look and feel of your party. Some of the best ideas for party favors that you can find in just about any color include candles, sweet treats, and soaps. Homemade favors like pastries or bread, jewelry, or other unique crafts can make it easy to stay within your budget while giving your guests something personal they’ll be more likely to appreciate. 

Choosing the Right Baby Shower Favors

Finally, don’t hesitate to send guests home with favors that match the color scheme, too! Again, red and gold bags or wrapping paper will go a long way. Thank-you notes for any received gifts should also match the theme, and look very similar to the style of the invitations.

​Final Thoughts

If you’ve had the idea of a red and gold baby shower in your head for a while now, hopefully, you can see that it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming event to plan. Your guests can enjoy a royally good time if you weave the theme within every aspect of the party. Plus, because there’s a natural elegance associated with these colors, you should be able to get away with sticking to a budget while making the event look expensive and regal. 

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