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Quickly Relieve Neck Pain and Back Stiffness Using this Hack!

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Neck pain and back stiffness are common problems that many people face on a daily basis. Luckily, there are simple and effective solutions out there to help alleviate these issues.

We are going to discuss just one of those solutions in today’s article. So if you’re ready to learn more about how to quickly relieve neck pain and back stiffness, keep reading.

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What is the Posture Pump Deluxe Full Spine Device?

The Posture Pump Deluxe Full Spine Device is a special product designed to relieve neck pain and back stiffness. It is currently available in two models: Model 4100-S and Model 4100-D.

This device works by gently decompressing and hydrating the cervical discs, helping to relieve tension and restore proper alignment. It uses a unique air cell system that lifts and separates the joints, allowing for better circulation and disc lubrication.

Benefits of using the Posture Pump Deluxe Full Spine Device

Using the Posture Pump Deluxe Full Spine Device offers several benefits:

1. Quick relief from neck pain and back stiffness: The device provides immediate relief by decompressing the cervical discs and reducing tension in the muscles.

2. Hydrates and decompresses cervical discs: By gently lifting the joints, the device helps to hydrate and nourish the cervical discs, promoting better overall spine health.

3. Shapes and restores cervical curve: Regular use of the device can help restore the natural curve of the cervical spine, improving posture and reducing strain on the neck and back.

4. Decreases risk of cervical disc bulging: The gentle decompression provided by the device helps to alleviate pressure on the cervical discs, reducing the risk of disc bulging or herniation.

5. Relieves headaches and fatigue: By improving circulation and reducing tension in the neck and back muscles, the device can help alleviate headaches and reduce fatigue.

6. Shapes and restores healthy posture curves: The Posture Pump Deluxe Full Spine Device promotes better posture by restoring the spine’s natural curves, reducing strain and discomfort.

How to use the Posture Pump Deluxe Full Spine Device

Step 1: Start by lying the Posture Pump down on a flat surface, such as a yoga mat or bed.

Step 2: Lay down on the unit, aligning it with your spine. Adjust it so the unit is right underneath your shoulders and the bottom portion of the unit is right above your tailbone.

Step 3: Slowly pump the device by using the hand pumps on the back unit. This action will generate a gentle and controlled traction force, relieving pressure on the discs and joints of your spine.

Step 4: Continue pumping until you reach a comfortable stretch in the back unit. You should feel a gentle expansion and relaxation in your spine. Rock back and forth on the back unit to get warmed up. Then release the air from the pump. Repeat until you feel completely warmed up. Then pump up to the pressure you feel most comfortable with and leave it there.

Step 5: Secure the neck portion of the unit and use the hand pump to pump the air into the unit. Do a few rounds (5-10 times) of pumping and releasing to get the neck warmed up. Then pump up to the pressure you feel most comfortable with.

Step 6: Hold the stretch for a few minutes, usually around 5 to 15 minutes, depending on your preference and comfort level. After the desired time, slowly release the pump to deflate the device.

Step 7: Once done, deflate the neck unit first and then the back unit. Unstrap the neck unit from your head. Gently remove the Posture Pump Deluxe Full Spine Device from under your back.

You can find more detailed instructions here.

Note: It is important to read and follow the instructions provided with the device for optimal usage and safety.

Final Thoughts

The Posture Pump Deluxe Full Spine Device offers a convenient and effective solution for improving your spinal health. It’s also pretty easy to use.

Ultimately, if you’re ready to take control of your posture and alleviate back pain, we encourage you to give the Posture Pump Deluxe Full Spine Device a try. Visit their website HERE to purchase the device and start experiencing the benefits for yourself.

Remember, a healthy spine leads to a healthier you. Now is the perfect time to take that next step in your wellness journey using this tip to relieve neck pain and back stiffness and give your spine some TLC.

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