Prevent Summer Slide: Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids’ Brains Active this Summer

by Briana Marie
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Summer is the perfect time for kids to relax, play and have fun. However, the “summer slide” is real and as a parent, it’s important to make sure that your child’s brain stays active during the summer months.

Research has shown that children can lose up to two months of academic knowledge over the summer break, which can have a negative impact on their academic progress.

But preventing summer slide (also known as “summer learning loss”) doesn’t have to be a chore. Of course, we still want the kiddos to enjoy their summer breaks.

So, here are some fun ways to keep your kids’ brains active and engaged during the summer months.

how to prevent summer learning loss and still have fun

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1. Read, Read, Read

Encourage your child to read every day. Whether it’s a book, a magazine, or a comic, reading is a great way to keep the brain active and improve vocabulary and comprehension skills.

You may even want to do a family storytime where kids get to read their favorite books to the family. Another idea is to start a family book club (which is actually something we did in my own household and greatly enjoyed).

Many school districts and local libraries also offer a summer reading program that provides kids with the opportunity to score some cool prizes as they read throughout the break.

2. Play Educational Games

There are many educational games available that can help improve your child’s math, spelling, and critical thinking skills. Set aside time each day for your child to play these games.

Whether it be a Kahoot or one of these fun brain games. There are so many ways to incorporate education while playing games.

3. Try a Science Experiment

Summer is a great time for children to explore and discover. We actually shared some tips for creating your own family science fair, and I highly recommend giving this activity a try this summer.

You can also set up a simple science experiment in your backyard or kitchen and watch as the kids stare in amazement.

Science can really be a ton of fun, and there are so many opportunities to try new science experiments over the summer.

4. Get Creative

Encourage your child to express their creativity through art, writing, or music. Studies have shown that being creative activates the brain and can improve problem-solving skills.

Whether you provide your child with a summer journal, a sketchbook, or sign them up for some music lessons, exploring the arts is a really great way to keep their brains active.

You can also check out a few local museums to help spark their creativity!

5. Outdoor Adventures

Get outside and explore nature with your child. Take a nature walk, go on a bike ride or visit a local park. This will not only keep your child active, but it will also stimulate their senses and improve their observational skills.

Wrapping Up

Preventing the summer slide doesn’t have to be a miserable task.

By incorporating these fun, educational activities into your child’s summer routine, you can help keep their brain active and engaged all summer long.

Now, go ahead and enjoy your summer as a family without worrying about that pesky summer learning loss.

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