We recently got to try a moisturizing plant-based hand sanitizer, and we are sharing all the details in today’s post. Continue reading to learn more about this vegan-friendly antibacterial moisturizer.

Natural Hand Sanitizer

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I’m like many others who have tried a wide variety of hand sanitizers for my family. And while we are glad just to have a good antibacterial on hand whether, in the form of a liquid or a wipe, I did notice that our hands were really getting dry from the constant use. But I refused to ease up on my use of hand sanitizer, instead, I just used more moisturizers to combat the dryness.

I eventually started looking for a sanitizer that wasn’t so harsh on our skin – especially for my children.

*This is where Babington Co’s plant-based moisturizing hand sanitizer enters the chat*

Babington Soap Plant Based Hand SanitizerVegan-Friendly Hand Sanitizer

This mushroom-based moisturizer with antibacterial has been a really great addition to our list of household must-haves, and this is what I love most about it:

✅ Dermatologist approved

✅ Gentle on skin

✅ Light and pleasant fragrance

✅ Certified under the CertClean program for using clean, plant-based, and naturally derived ingredients

It also says that it kills 99.9% of germs – and seeing as killing germs is the whole point, I think this is pretty important.

Does it Earn the Mom Stamp of Approval?

Yes, it absolutely does! I am a huge fan of products that use more natural ingredients while getting the job done. So yes, I do highly recommend.

You can learn more about this product and purchase it for yourself here: https://babingtonsoap.com/products/plant-based-moisturizing-hand-sanitizer


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