Top Tips To Plan A Bright And Festive Summer Baby Shower

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Planning a baby shower can be exciting and fun, whether you are a friend or a family member of the parents-to-be.

However, it can also be overwhelming, as you would want to do everything perfectly. From choosing the perfect décor to making sure there are enough food options for your guests, you may not know where to begin.

If you are planning to throw a summer baby shower, it’s a good idea to make it as bright and festive as possible.

Thankfully, we have prepared a few suggestions that you can explore to learn how you can plan the best summer baby shower in a few simple steps.

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Select The Perfect Venue

Since you will be celebrating in the summer, it can be a great idea to host a baby shower in a garden or backyard. Be sure to check the weather and select a date that works for everyone, ensuring you can all enjoy some sunshine and party outside.

Nevertheless, it’s still recommended to look for a backup location in case it starts raining. Also, you may consider planning a baby shower at a local park, where you will be surrounded by natural beauty.

Afterward, you can go to a nice restaurant and eat some delicious food.

Pick A Summer Theme

One of the best ways to create a sense of warmth and joy is to pick a suitable summer theme, which will make your baby shower even better.

For example, it can be a great idea to throw a sunflower baby shower, which can serve as a nice reminder of the end of summer and the beginning of fall. If you want to learn more about planning a sunflower baby shower and get inspired, Greenvelope can help you take care of all the important details.

You will find out how you can refine your theme, choose the perfect color scheme, and send out amazing sunflower-themed party invitations.

Hire A Party Planner

Remember that planning a baby shower can also be frustrating and tedious at times, so you may want to ask for help. If you are unable to get friends and family to assist you, consider hiring a party planner.

This way, you can free up some time and focus on taking care of other details so that you can make sure everyone has an amazing time. A professional party planner will also be able to give you valuable advice and suggestions on what you can improve to wow your guests.

Look At Different Game Ideas

It’s advisable to include as many baby shower games as you can so that everyone can have fun. Make sure you have a good mixture of traditional and modern games to make things more interesting and fun.

No matter the theme of your baby shower, there are lots of options that will work great. If it turns out there are some guests who don’t know each other very well, you can think of some icebreaker games to get the party started.

However, even if guests do know each other, it can still be a good idea to include a few games, which will help set the tone for the rest of the party.

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Get Fun Decorations

You should also look for fun decorations, as this is one of the best parts of throwing a baby shower. Be sure to choose summer-themed decorations that everyone will love.

For instance, you can look for a variety of balloons or a baby sign to add a personal touch to your baby shower. This will make your guests feel more comfortable, allowing them to make the most of this special moment.

Also, if you are planning a tropical baby shower, ask them to wear their favorite tropical attire and remember to bring in plenty of flowers.

Serve Fresh Food

Summer is the best time to serve some delicious fresh food that your guests will devour. This means that you can be as creative as you want with your food options.

However, you should first consider the style and size of your baby shower. For example, the food may differ depending on whether you are having a formal sit-down gathering or a more casual party, where you can serve finger foods.

Also, keep in mind that pregnant women are usually advised to avoid certain foods, so you should consider this as well.

Bake A Cake

Nothing can beat a delicious cake at a summer baby shower, so you may want to check out some recipes and start baking.

Alternatively, you can order a beautiful on-theme cake for your guests. If your guests aren’t into cake, there are other amazing options that will be just as good.

You can try baking:

  • cupcakes
  • donuts
  • muffins
  • cookies
  • cinnamon rolls
  • pies
  • other treats

It may also be a great idea to throw an ice-cream birthday shower, which will be appreciated by everyone, especially on a hot summer day.

Hosting a summer baby shower is the perfect opportunity to pull out all your bright and festive ideas to celebrate mom and baby. So start with the ideas in this post, and take it from there adding your own special touch!

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