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WOW Your Kids This Christmas With a Personalized Letter from Santa

personalized letters from santa
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Letters from Santa Straight from the North Pole!

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer and there are many ways to bring that cheer into your home for the holidays. One way to make this Christmas extra special for your children is by surprising them with a personalized letter from Santa himself.

personalized letters from santa

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Kids will absolutely love these Letters from Santa!

Letter from Santa


And I’m not talking about a plain old handwritten letter that you rushed to put together while the children were preoccupied.

I’m talking about the real deal.

Your child can receive a customized Christmas package straight from the North Pole. This special gift comes complete with all the following:

  • Santa’s Map showing the exact directions from the north pole to your house
  • The Official Nice List (and it looks like your child has made the list!)
  • A personalized letter to your child from Santa himself and postmarked from the North Pole
  • The Official Nice List Certificate

All letters are printed on elegant high-quality paper and are embossed with Santa’s official seal. As I mentioned earlier, this letter does come in an envelope postmarked from the North Pole – addressed with a real North Pole Address: 580 South Santa Claus Lane, Alaska 99705.

If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, you can upgrade to Santa’s Gold Christmas Package or Santa’s Christmas Eve Package. (See more details below)

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Santa’s Gold Christmas Package

Official North Pole Snow
Official Reindeer Food
Door Hanger
Santa Stop Here Window Sticker
Nice List Certificate Fridge Magnet

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Santa’s Christmas Eve Package

Official Santa Bell
Official Santa Christmas Eve Milk Mug
Official Santa Christmas Eve Cookie Plate

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If you are ready to make this Christmas magical, order your personalized Santa Letters from today!

By the way….

Did I mention that 10% of all profits from goes to Toys for Tots?

Seriously you guys, this is an opportunity that you do not want to miss. So head on over to and place your order NOW to ensure that your letters from Santa arrive in time for Christmas.



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