How to Achieve Perfect Posture When Sitting all Day

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Do you sit at a desk all day for work? Are you suffering from chronic back and neck pain as a result? If so, this is the post for you! Check out these tips to improve your posture when you’re sitting all day. 

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Choose Your Chair Wisely

The type of chair you’re sitting in during the day can have a massive impact on your posture. If you can, invest in an Ergonomic Office Chair that best supports your neck and back and encourages proper posture.

Plant Your Feet on the Floor

We often don’t even notice when we start to slouch or cross our legs as we work throughout the day. Practice being more mindful as you sit at your desk. If you notice your legs are crossed, uncross them and plant them flat on the floor. This will help move your body into a more supportive position as you sit.

Adjust Your Computer Screen and/or Desk

You want to keep your computer at eye level so that you don’t have to slouch over or look up too high to see your screen. Taking this step will allow your neck to maintain a comfortable position in line with your spine.

Take Frequent Breaks

Schedule in regular breaks to just get up and stretch. Breaks can be as short as 60 seconds. Just get up and move around a bit to avoid getting stiff.

Use a Posture Corrector

To relieve neck and back pain associated with poor posture, consider utilizing a full spine posture corrector and disc hydrator. Posture Pump® offers a Full spine posture corrector that comes complete with Dual Disc Hydrator®. A few benefits of using this particular device are:

  • Relieve headaches, neck, and back pain
  • Relieve fatigue
  • Hydrate disks in neck and back
  • Correct forward head and neck posture

….and more!

Final Thoughts

Whether you spend an excessive amount of time sitting throughout the day or simply suffer from chronic neck and back pain, these tips are a great place to start.

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