15+ Outrageous Crazy Hair Day Ideas That Will Definitely Turn Heads

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Crazy Hair Day is an exciting opportunity to let your creativity run wild! It’s a day when students, employees, or anyone involved can showcase their unique hairstyles and have fun without fearing judgment for being different.

As a matter of fact, coming up with outrageous hairstyle ideas is essential in order to turn heads and make a memorable impression.

So, let’s discuss a few creative and attention-grabbing Crazy Hair Day ideas to kickstart your planning!

kid with rainbow hair photo credit: Alexander Grey from Pexels via Canva.com
Photo credit: Alexander Grey from Pexels via Canva.com

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Easy Crazy Hair Day Ideas

1. Crazy ponytail: Create a high ponytail and add vibrant extensions or accessories to make it stand out. This is one of our favorite simple crazy hair day ideas for a girl or anyone with long hair.

crazy hair day high ponytail
Photo Credit: natsmom127 via Pinterest

2. Braided hair with colorful ribbons: Incorporate colorful ribbons into the braids for a playful and eye-catching look.

braided ribbon high ponytail photo credit: pr3ttygirl79 via Instagram.com
Photo credit: pr3ttygirl79 via Instagram.com

3. Hair with temporary hair color spray: Use temporary hair color spray to add bold and vibrant hues to hair.

blue hair on boy for crazy hair day photo credit: pinterest.com
Photo credit: pinterest.com

4. Hair with glitter or confetti: Apply glitter or confetti to hair for a sparkling and festive hairstyle.

boy glitter galaxy hair photo credit: EcoGlimmerEcoGlitter via Pinterest.com
Photo credit: EcoGlimmerEcoGlitter via Pinterest.com

5. Hair with stickers or temporary tattoos: Select fun stickers or temporary tattoos to decorate hair and make a statement.

sticker hair for girls photo credit: popsugar via Pinterest.com
Photo credit: popsugar via Pinterest.com

Intermediate Crazy Hair Day Ideas

1. Donut hair: Create a bun in the shape of a donut and decorate it with colorful sprinkles or small donut-shaped accessories.

donut hair for crazy hair day photo credit: gangalee337 via Pinterest.com
Photo credit: gangalee337 via Pinterest.com

2. Soda bottle hair: Use an empty soda bottle as a mold to create a unique hairstyle that resembles a soda bottle or make it look as if the hair is soda being poured out of its bottle.

Soda bottle hair photo credit: Pinterest.com
Soda bottle hair photo credit: Pinterest.com

3. Star Wars hair: Style hair to represent your favorite Star Wars character or scene, such as Princess Leia’s iconic buns, or add some mini light sabers into the style.

Star wars air for crazy hair day Photo Credit: loulougirls.com via Pinterest.com
Photo Credit: loulougirls.com via Pinterest.com

4. Unicorn hair: Transform your hair into a magical unicorn with colorful extensions, pastel colors, and a creatively shaped unicorn horn.

unicorn hairstyle for crazy hair day photo credit: fabartdiy via Pinterest.com
Photo credit: fabartdiy via Pinterest.com

5. Rose garden hair: Incorporate artificial roses and greenery into your hair to create a stunning floral hairstyle.

rose garden crazy hair day style photo credit: marthastewart via Pinterest.com
Photo credit: marthastewart via Pinterest.com

6. Bird’s nest hair: Create a textured hairstyle resembling a bird’s nest by teasing and shaping your hair, then add small toy birds or feathers for a playful touch.

birds nest hairstyle photo credit: kwonder via Pinterest.com
Photo credit: kwonder via Pinterest.com

Advanced Crazy Hair Day Ideas

1. Helium balloon hair: Create a gravity-defying hairstyle by attaching helium-filled balloons to hair. Secure the balloons using bobby pins or hair elastics. Then, watch as the hair floats creating the perfect wacky hair day!

floating balloon hair photo credit: Pinterest.com
Photo credit: Pinterest.com

2. My Little Pony hair: Transform your hair into a colorful and magical mane inspired by My Little Pony characters. Use temporary hair color sprays or extensions to achieve vibrant shades, and style your hair in ponytails or braids.

my little pony hair photo credit: makeitandloveit via Pinterest.com
Photo credit: makeitandloveit via Pinterest.com

3. Insect hair: Get creative with creepy crawlies by incorporating insects into your hairstyle. Use plastic bugs, fake webs, and/or clip-on accessories to add a unique touch to your hairdo.

Insect hair for crazy hair day photo credit: ashleycassel via Pinterest.com
Photo credit: ashleycassel via Pinterest.com

4. Rainbow mohawk hair: Take your mohawk to the next level by adding a rainbow of colors. Use temporary hair color sprays or colored hair extensions to create a vibrant and eye-catching hairstyle. This is one of the popular crazy hairstyles for girls and boys.

rainbow mohawk on boy photo credit: Pinterest.com
Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

5. Octopus hair: Channel your inner sea creature by creating an octopus-inspired hairstyle. Wrap sections of your hair around foam cones or bendable wire to resemble tentacles, and secure them in place with bobby pins or hair elastics.

Octopus crazy hair day photo credit: MonicaDigiovanna01 via Pinterest.com
Photo credit: MonicaDigiovanna01 via Pinterest.com

Tips for Creating Crazy Hair

– Instead of using permanent hair dye, opt for temporary hair color spray. This allows you to experiment with different colors without long-term commitment.

– Use hair gel or hairspray to help hold your crazy hairstyle in place and add extra stability.

– Don’t be afraid to accessorize! Ribbons, bows, and clips can add a fun and unique flair to your crazy hairdo.

– Practice your chosen hairstyle before the actual Crazy Hair Day to ensure it works and that you and/or your child feel comfortable with it.

-Lastly, you can simply throw on a wig if you don’t want the extra hassle of styling and coloring hair.

kid wearing a wig photo credit: sviatlanalazarenka via Canva.com
Photo credit: sviatlanalazarenka via Canva.com

Can I Just Use a Wig for Crazy Hair Day?

Wigs can actually be a convenient and stylish alternative for Crazy Hair Day. Remember, crazy hair day is all about having fun and being creative and you can do both while using a wig!

Here are some benefits of opting for a wig on crazy hair day.

You can embrace creativity with wigs

Wigs come in a wide range of styles, colors, and lengths, offering an endless spectrum of possibilities for Crazy Hair Day. With wigs, you can easily transform your appearance, experiment with various looks, and let your imagination run wild even using some of the ideas we mentioned previously. Whether you aspire to create a neon-colored bob, channel your inner mermaid with long flowing locks, or showcase a unicorn-inspired hairstyle, wigs provide the versatility to achieve your desired look with ease.

Time-saving and hassle-free

Creating intricate hairstyles can be time-consuming and require considerable effort. It can also be difficult to maintain throughout the day using natural hair. By opting for wigs, you can save valuable time and eliminate the stress associated with creating complex hairstyles. Simply choose a wig that matches the desired style, put it on, and voila! You’re ready to embrace Crazy Hair Day in all its glory.

You can easily accessorize with wigs

Wigs not only offer a convenient alternative to elaborate hairstyling but also provide a canvas to showcase unique accessories and embellishments. From colorful hair clips to rhinestones and stickers, the use of accessories with wigs allows you to elevate your Crazy Hair Day look further. Experiment with feathers, glitter, ribbons, and other fun additions to truly stand out.

Explore beyond natural hair limitations

For individuals with shorter hair or limited styling options, wigs open the door to countless possibilities. Even if your natural hair doesn’t possess the length, volume, or structure required for elaborate hairstyles, wigs can instantly create the illusion of a transformed and more extravagant look.

In a nutshell, while Crazy Hair Day has traditionally involved creating elaborate hairstyles, the use of wigs provides a convenient alternative. Whether you choose to create a wild hairstyle from scratch or opt for a fabulous wig, the most important thing is to have fun.

Final Thoughts

We explored a few outrageous crazy hair day ideas, from gravity-defying balloon hair to vibrant mohawks. Remember, Crazy Hair Day is all about having fun and being creative.

So let your imagination run wild, break the hair styling norms, and turn heads with your unique wacky hair day ideas!

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