The Ultimate Guide to Organized Packing for Travel with Kids

by Briana Marie
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Packing Tips for Travel With Kids

Packing for a family vacation and getting organized for travel with kids can be an arduous task. You want to make sure you have everything on your “to pack” list while still making sure you know where everything is when the time comes to unpack and go about your holiday! A little preparation will save you on any trip, but it’s beneficial when you’re on the road with children. 

Continue reading for some great packing tips and ideas to use when preparing to travel with kids. 

organized packing travel with kids

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What To Take In Your Carry-On Bag And How To Pack For The Plane With Kids

Since your carry-on is always with you, it’s a great idea to keep a few travel necessities in there at all times. Here is a list of items we recommend: diapers and wipes, small hand sanitizer, an extra change of clothes for the kids, PVC rainwear, snacks, crayons and coloring books, some board games, or playing cards for them to enjoy during flight delays.

You can also add a toothbrush and toothpaste, a change of shoes for everyone (this is especially helpful on long flights), an iPod or other music-playing device, headphones if you have them, magazines and catalogs for adults, earplugs just in case the kids are loud, extra blankets.

Don’t forget to use your carry-on bag as an advantage! Pack some items that will be useful during your vacation, even if they don’t fit into this list. For instance – snacks for the plane can often double as snacks during your road trip. Same with coloring books and crayons – pack extras so the kids can color more on your trip. You can also bring their favorite pillow or small stuffed animal along too! If it’s not too big to store comfortably in your bag, then you should add it in! Here are a few other ideas:

  • A prepaid phone card or coupon book for local attractions
  • Toys that will interest your children – be sure to check with them too. You can also bring some cheap dollar store toys along if they’re not seen as favorites
  • An MP3 player – this is great for playing music and entertaining the kids on long drives. It’s also nice when everyone gets sick of the same old car games!

What To Pack In Your Diaper Bag And How To Keep It Organized

Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies, you’ll need to find an efficient way to keep it organized so everything is easily accessible when needed. We recommend keeping your diaper bag packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Try not to let things get out of hand by keeping it organized.

If you have space, consider putting your bag inside a more oversized tote or backpack instead of just using a diaper bag on its own. You can take this with you anywhere – from the beach to hikes along any trail – without it being too bulky or cumbersome to carry around. This way, all you need is this one bag, and everyone can carry something out of it, which will make for much easier travel when going from place to place!

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure your baby wipes case is easily accessible and replaceable if needed (some brands work better than others)
  • Keep extra diapers either in your main compartment or in an outside zipper pocket for easy access
  • Consider using cloth instead of disposable diapers if you are traveling long term
  • Store extra clothes for everyone in a backpack or other bag that can easily be taken out of the diaper bag too. This way, the kids will have something to change into should they get wet, sweaty, or dirty anywhere along the trip – handy while hiking! If it’s warm, pack swimsuits and beach towels too.

It is also where you’ll store any snacks not being kept in your carry-on bag, so keep it handy while exploring new places! As we said earlier, if there’s room, keep everything together in one bag, so you only have to take out what you need at any given time.

It’s also helpful to keep your diaper bag close at hand when traveling with toddlers because they’re likely to misplace things like their shoes or favorite stuffed animal. This way, you won’t have to worry about needing to run back somewhere if you’ve kept it within arm’s reach!

Traveling With Strollers (and Car Seats)

Many parents are concerned with how they’ll be expected to travel with their stroller and car seat for very young children. I know firsthand that having both of these items can make it difficult to store everything efficiently – especially considering most airlines now charge fees for checked bags. 

Here are a few tips which may help:

  • Using a lightweight umbrella stroller will provide you with more room for suitcases. You can also opt not to bring the car seat if you feel like this would be a better option – keep in mind that it may be difficult for older children to walk long distances without their favorite ride
  • Some airlines will allow you to check strollers and car seats at no extra charge, so ask about this before arriving at the airport. It’s also important to know whether or not these items are placed on top of your luggage or underneath, so you’ll have an easier time maneuvering through crowded areas with bulky bags
  • Before leaving home, practice folding up your stroller until you become familiar with how it works. This way, you won’t have any trouble doing so quickly while packing! If possible, try to pack your stroller in a separate suitcase to avoid being damaged during travel.
  • Consider using a convertible car seat if you rent or borrow a vehicle while away from home. If your kids are old enough, consider having them sit in a seatbelt instead for easier storage and removal as needed.
  • If you’re driving, leave enough time for stops along the way because you’ll want to stretch your legs after being cooped up in the car – especially if the weather isn’t too great.

Traveling With Babies And Infants In Arms

When traveling with babies and infants, two things should always go without saying: bring warm clothes and bring extra diapers! It may seem obvious, but those items can make all of the difference once you are on the road. Keep in mind that it can get freezing, so always dress your little one in layers if possible – especially while flying or during other times when your destination may be chilly

Also, it’s likely that not every diaper will contain everything, so have a backup just in case because there’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere without any way of keeping the baby comfortable!

Traveling With Toddlers And Older Children

Once children are old enough to hold their bottles, avoid purchasing formula or milk while away. It is because it may spoil before you return home – meaning all that extra money spent will be for nothing (not to mention the fact that these items can take up additional space in your luggage). Just make do without them and save yourself some stress!

At this point, it’s usually easy to find food no matter where you go, so don’t worry about packing too much unless you’re visiting an area with limited access to nutritious meals. If possible, place any snacks into individual baggies just in case they get crushed during travel – otherwise, things could become unappetizing quickly.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know traveling with kids doesn’t have to be overwhelming, maybe the next time you’re planning a vacation, it’ll cross your mind to take one! You’ll be able to create memories that will last forever if you get the chance – so don’t miss out on this opportunity. 

As you can see, it is quite possible to pack strategically for your family trips. What are some of your best tips for packing and preparing for travel with kids? Please feel free to share in the comments.

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