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This is the Easiest Way to Add an Online Store to Your Mom Blog

Last Updated on July 26, 2021

There are many ways to monetize your Mom blog. From affiliate marketing to sponsored posts, there is certainly no shortage of options to pull in a few extra bucks. 

But you don’t have to stop there.

Another great way to monetize your mom blog is by adding an online store where you sell your own products (or maybe you’ll be selling someone else’s product). Either way, you don’t have to stress yourself out trying to do it all on your own.

Add an online store to your mom blog

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You don’t even have to break the bank to pull this idea off. 

The easiest way to add an online store to your Mom Blog is by outsourcing the task to Fiverr sellers. Here’s how to make it happen.

1. You Need a Self-Hosted Blog

Before we dive into the details of building out your new online store, you first need to make sure your blog is self-hosted. I personally use Siteground for my self-hosted WordPress blog.

Siteground is reasonably priced and has built a reputation for excellence when it comes to customer service. They made the whole process incredibly easy for me and I haven’t had any issues with downtime on my website. I have been working with Siteground for over 5 years now and I don’t have a single complaint. 

There are, of course, other reputable hosting providers out there. So make sure you do your research and select one that is the best fit for you.

2. Select Your Products

If you will be making the products yourself, well hey . . . get to work. 

On the other hand, if you will be setting up a marketplace using your affiliate links like a high-converting Amazon Affiliate Store, the process would be a bit different. The good news is . . . there are Fiverr sellers available to assist with this step. 

If you plan to operate as a dropshipping business, you can also take advantage of Fiverr services. There is a wide variety of sellers available to perform product research and find reliable dropshipping suppliers for you. 

3. Select an eCommerce Platform of Your Choice and Build Out Your Online Store

You can find a professional eCommerce web designer for a reasonable price on Fiverr. They will then build out an online store according to your unique specifications. 

These services often include a responsive design, plugin installation, payment gateway setup, and content upload. Make sure you read the details of what each seller is offering before making a decision.

Your selected Fiverr seller should also make sure that your online store is seamlessly weaved into your current website.

You could also create a Shopify store that can be connected to your WordPress website through their WordPress plugin. 

shopify online store

The process of adding an online store to your mom blog can be relatively hassle-free if you use your resources wisely.

I have added an online store to two of my blogs and it has been one of the best ways to earn money on autopilot.

If you have used Fiverr services for your digital marketing needs in the past, please feel free to share your experience in the comments. If you have any questions about using Fiverr services to add an online store to your blog, please leave them in the comments and I will try to answer as many questions as possible.

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