New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for Kids to Ring in the New Year

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When you have kids of any age, New Year’s Eve becomes a celebration that involves the entire family ringing in the New Year together. Planning a kid’s New Year’s Eve party can be just as fun as attending one, and there are many options to choose from for activities, themes, food, and drinks.

Whether you’re thinking of having a New Year’s Eve party inside the house, outside in the backyard, or a combination of both, a kid’s party to celebrate the New Year will be filled with family memories. Here are the top 10 tips for throwing a New Year’s Eve party for kids.

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Pick a Party Theme

There are many New Year’s Eve party themes to choose from. Just like planning a birthday party, a New Year’s Eve party can be cartoon-themed, ‘80s themed, video game themed, book character themed, and more. The theme you decide on will also determine the decorations you get, so make sure to pick your theme ahead of time. You can also ask the kids to dress up to match the theme as well to get fun party pictures taken throughout the night.

Involve Kids in the Planning

Kids love to be involved in anything the adults do, so involve your children in the party planning to ensure they have fun both before and during the party. Your kids can pick out color schemes, decorations, food, and even the activities if they’re old enough. If your kids can already read and write, then they can create a shopping list of what you need to buy for the party. Your kids will also love to go shopping with you for all the decorations and food so they can see how much time and effort goes into party planning.

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Decide on a Food Menu

After you’ve decided on a party theme, it’s time to think about the food menu. You can choose to have a sit-down style dinner for dressier themes, or you can create a food buffet table where guests can eat at their own pace throughout the night. Have various foods to meet anyone’s appetite and dietary needs including salads, appetizers, breads, cheeses, pastas, and protein options. You can also have small snacks available that are easy to eat such as chips, pretzels, almonds, cut up fruit, sliced vegetables, and various dips.

Treat Bags

New Year’s Eve treat bags are a great way to give a little gift to the attendees and also give them some activities to do throughout the night. You can fill treat bags with candy, noisemakers, mini coloring books, bubble blowers, stickers, and anything else that’s related to the party theme. Older kids can receive larger toys, hair accessories, or small dolls and figurines in their treat bags.

Set Up a Photo Booth

A photo booth station is a great way for kids and adults to take pictures and have memories of the party. You can buy photo booth decorations and simply DIY a corner of a room to create a backdrop. Guests can take photos with their own cell phones to keep, or you can use a Polaroid and buy extra film so they have printed pictures as souvenirs that they can take home.

Hot Chocolate Bar

For climates that are extra cold on New Year’s Eve, a hot chocolate bar is a great way to stay warm. Have a table dedicated to the hot chocolate bar, and get an assortment of mugs, hot milk or water, hot cocoa mixes, marshmallows, whipped cream, caramel drizzle, sprinkles, and cinnamon sticks. Hot chocolate is perfect if your party will be outdoors or if you plan to watch local fireworks outside with blankets.

Watch Countdowns from Around the World

Since we live in different time zones around the world, you can watch countdowns online or on TV from various locations before your own clock strikes midnight. Depending on where you’re currently located, you can watch countdowns from countries that are the complete opposite side of the world such as watching Australia’s countdown if you’re in the USA.

New Year’s Pinata

Pinatas aren’t just for birthday parties. Create a New Year’s pinata in the same way you would with a birthday, and fill it with different kinds of candies, chocolate, and little toys such as finger puppets, hair bows, and large jeweled rings. You can also add extra goodies that go with the party’s theme to make it extra special. Just be sure to add enough items in the pinata so that all the kids at the party can have some goodies to enjoy and take home.

Sparkling Drinks for Midnight

Make midnight extra special by creating non-alcoholic sparkling drinks for the kids and adults alike. Sparkling drinks can be either sparkling cider like apple or grape, ginger ale, or carbonated flavored waters. The key is getting plastic champagne flutes to give it a real sparkling drink feel, then you can have a toast at midnight to ring in the New Year.

What to Do With Decorations After the Party

There’s no need to buy new decorations every year, and some decorations can be reused for multiple holiday and seasonal parties. Utilizing a portable storage container is the perfect way to keep decorations without having to store them at home. Simply book a portable storage container and it will arrive at your door so that you can keep your decorations in it and then the storage company will take it to their secure location until you need to get the decorations back. They handle the transportation so you never have to leave your home, making portable storage containers the ideal way to safely store party decorations for future use.

Planning a New Year’s party for kids is fun for the entire family and these New Year’s Eve party ideas are a great place to start. It gives you the opportunity to bond with your kids as well as the other families that attend. Keeping the agenda packed yet also relaxed for the night with fun activities and food as you wait for midnight is the key to throwing an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party for kids.

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