Is that first trimester nausea getting the best of you? Well, I am certainly no doctor. However, there are a few things that I, and other Mommas I know, I have tried to ease the morning sickness. Here are a few Natural Ways to Beat Nausea During Pregnancy.

Use these natural remedies to kick that pregnancy nausea!

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  1. Sip on some Peppermint Tea.
  2. Drink a room temperature Ginger Ale .
  3. Take a 25mg Vitamin B6 Supplement every 8 hours (or as doctor recommends)
  4. Chop up some Ginger Root, steep in hot water, and drink as a tea.
  5. With doctor’s approval, do a mild form of exercise to help with hormones.
  6. Avoid fatty, greasy, sugary, spicy, or processed foods.
  7. Suck on Lemon Drops.
  8. Increase hydration.
  9. Eat more foods that help decrease the symptoms of Morning Sickness.
  10. Increase your Magnesium intake.
  11. Eat more potatoes
  12. Get more rest!


As always, consult with your physician for suggestions on how to best handle your symptoms throughout pregnancy. The ideas mentioned above have worked for many of us Mommas, but every woman is different. Be sure to do what is a best fit for you.


Happy Parenting!

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