5 Must-Haves for the New Driver in Your Home

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For many families, having a new driver in the house brings up a lot of excitement and joy. But it also brings with it some extra responsibility. As parents, you want to make sure your kids are prepared for success on the road. Here’s a list of five must-haves for any family with a new driver.

new driver in home

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Must-Haves for New Drivers

A Reliable Car

Having a reliable car is essential for any young driver who will be spending time behind the wheel. The ideal car should have up-to-date safety features, like airbags and electronic stability control, and should be inspected regularly by a trusted mechanic or auto repair shop. It’s also important to keep track of any necessary repairs to ensure that your child is driving a safe vehicle at all times.


Driver’s Education Classes

Driver’s education classes can help instill confidence in your teen while teaching them important rules of the road—plus they can even help lower their insurance premiums! If your state requires driver’s ed before getting a license (many do), enrolling your teen in classes as soon as possible is key to making sure they stay safe out there on their own.


An Auto Insurance Agency You Can Trust

Finding an auto insurance agency that you feel good about is essential for any family with teens behind the wheel. You want someone who will be there when you need them most—like if you ever get into an accident—and who will work hard to get you the coverage you need at rates that won’t break the bank. Make sure you take your time in selecting which coverage is best for your family.


Emergency Supplies

It’s always better to be prepared than not! Investing in emergency supplies like flares, jumper cables, flashlights, water, and snacks can help prepare your teen for unexpected situations on the road (especially if they’re headed out on longer trips or during bad weather). Plus, having these items can give both of you peace of mind knowing that no matter what comes up during their drive time, they’ll have what they need to stay safe until assistance arrives.


A Good Attitude

Above all else, instilling good habits in your new driver is key to ensuring their safety—both out on the roads and throughout life in general! Encourage them to listen carefully when learning how to drive safely, remind them that driving is always better with two hands on the wheel, stress how important it is not to engage in distracting activities while driving, and above all else encourage them to remain calm and collected whenever faced with dangerous situations on (or off) the road!

The most important thing you can do as parents when your teens reach driving age is to make sure they’re prepared for success out there on their own! With these five must-haves under your belt—a reliable car, driver’s education classes, an auto insurance agency you trust, emergency supplies handy at all times, plus plenty of good attitude —you’ll be well on your way towards both teaching your teen how to stay safe and giving yourself peace of mind.



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