70+ Mother-Daughter Date Ideas That are Too Good to Pass Up

by Briana Marie
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Taking your daughter on a date is a great way to bond and reconnect. It is also a great way to take a break from your busy schedule and enjoy an activity you may not normally have the time to do.

My daughters absolutely love our mother-daughter date outings, and I am sure yours will too. Whether you want to hang out at home or get out and try something new, this list is a great place to start for some recommendations. Check out the ideas below to start planning your next adventure!

mother and daughter date spa day at home | Alena Ozerova via Canva.com
Photo credit: Alena Ozerova via Canva.com

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1. Movie Night

You can either host the movie night at home or visit your local theater. If you’re opting for an in-home movie night, you may choose to setup a tent in the living room, den or basement, and hang out in your PJs. And you can’t forget the popcorn and a few delicious healthy snacks or movie theater treats. 

2. Vision Board Party

Vision boards aren’t only for the New Year. At any point during the year, you can create a fresh vision board. This is actually a great bonding activity where you can both learn about each other’s goals and hopes for the future. You could even use a Dry Erase Vision Board Kit to make the process easier. 

3. Attend an outdoor festival

Is there a festival in town? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to squeeze in a fun Mother-Daughter outing. Make sure it is a festival that you would both enjoy before purchasing tickets.

4. Go shopping

What girl doesn’t like to shop? Whether you spend a day hanging out at the mall, or make a quick trip to one of your favorite stores, shopping can be both therapeutic and fun.

5. Have a Spa Day

You can plan a spa day at an actual spa in your city, or you may choose to set it all up at home. If you do choose to set up a DIY Spa at home, here are a few things you may want to have on hand:

You may even choose to invest in a massage chair or a Massage Mat to really add that extra element of relaxation.

6. Have a Makeover Session

Take turns giving each other a makeover. Or maybe instead, you will both choose to learn the correct way to apply makeup. Either way, it will definitely make for a great time.

7. Cook a new recipe

Is there a new recipe you’ve been thinking about trying? If so, this is the perfect opportunity for a date. Select a recipe (or two or three) that you would both like to try and cook it together. The best part is, once everything is done cooking, you can both enjoy a delicious meal. 

8. Go bowling

Bowling is always a great activity for a date. You can go to your favorite bowling spot or try a new bowling alley in another city. 

9. Go out for lunch

Visit your favorite restaurant or a new restaurant in town for a lunch date. While you enjoy your meal, you can discuss whatever is on your mind and just enjoy each other’s company. 

10. Go roller skating or ice skating

Skating is a great workout and a fun activity for people of all ages. Whether you prefer roller skating or gliding on the ice, skating is definitely a fantastic idea for a mother-daughter date. 

11. Go on a bike ride

If you’re looking for a more active date idea, a bike ride is a great option. You can take a simple bike ride through the neighborhood or hit your favorite trails. 

12. Do some volunteer work

Turn your mother-daughter date into an opportunity to give back to the community. Spend some time working on a volunteer activity together. You can enjoy some quality time while making a positive impact. 

13. Have a Craft Night

The possibilities are endless when it comes to having your own craft night. From DIY home decor to upcycling old items, there are so many creative projects out there for you to try. You can check out Pinterest for some great crafting ideas, and don’t forget to bring some snacks and upbeat music to the party!

14. Go see a play

If there is a play in town that you’d be interested in seeing, this is a great opportunity to turn it into a date. As always, make sure it is a show that you would both want to see before buying tickets. You can even have lunch before the show or enjoy a dinner afterwards. 

15. Have a tea party

Tea parties are always a great idea for a Mother-Daughter Date idea. You can get dressed up, bring out your favorite tea party snacks, and your elegant porcelain tea set, and just enjoy your time together. Don’t forget to play some music to set the mood.

16. Go ziplining

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, why not go ziplining? Many kids and adults find ziplining to be a ton of fun. And the good news is, due to its growing popularity, ziplining and aerial adventure parks are popping up in more and more locations. 

17. Camp in your backyard

Bring out the tent, set up a bonfire, and enjoy your very own campsite right there in the backyard. And if anyone needs to take a trip to the restroom, they can always venture right into the house for a more comfortable experience. Backyard camping is super convenient and very exciting all at the same time. It’s a win-win. 

18. Have a picnic

You can set up a picnic at your favorite local park or even in your yard. Fill your picnic basket with your favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner items and just enjoy the fresh air. 

19. Take a day trip to a city nearby

A change in scenery can be very therapeutic. So instead of hanging out at a local venue, try planning out a day trip to a nearby city. This is the perfect opportunity to experience a city you’ve never visited before, or even visit a city that you don’t always have the time to travel to. 

20. Have a Dance Party

Get some cardio in, and share a few good laughs. Host your very own Mother-Daughter Dance Party complete with Strobe Lightsdrinks, snacks, and of course some high-energy music. You can work together to create a playlist. 

luxury hotel room | laughingmango from Getty Images Signature via Canva.com
Photo credit: laughingmango from Getty Images Signature via Canva.com

21. Stay the night in a fancy hotel

Feeling a little fancy? Why not get dressed up and spend the evening at a fancy hotel? You can continue the date night with a few slumber party games, fancy mocktails, and a good movie. 

22. Have your own karaoke night

Release the stress of the day with an evening of karaoke. You can take turns singing your favorite tunes or even sing a few together. You don’t even need a professional karaoke machine to pull this one off, you can simply pull up a karaoke video on YouTube and jam out. 

23. Play Dress-Up

What little girl doesn’t love to play dress-up? Make a date out of it. Let her play in your clothes and heels, and let her dress you up – piecing together your outfit and accessories. You can then have a fashion show to tie it all together. 

24. Learn a new skill

Whether you want to try a new yoga class, learn a new language, or learn any other skill, you can always make it a date. This is a great bonding opportunity that can also help you expand your skillset. 

25. Visit the Zoo

Do you enjoy spending time around animals? Take a trip to the zoo for an outdoor Mother-Daughter Date. Don’t forget to bring lunch!

26. Draw Portraits

Draw portraits of one another. Once you’re done, you will each have a special gift to frame. 

27. Read your favorite books together

You don’t have to spend a ton of money or time on your date. Even sharing story time together is a great bonding opportunity, and it is definitely a memory your daughter will cherish forever. 

28. Go on a hike

If you’re looking for a date that’s a little more active, consider going a hike. Carefully select a hiking route, and prepare all your hiking gear and accessories for this special moment. 

29. Try a new challenge

Is there a new challenge making its way around social media that you’d like to try? Make a date out of it. Schedule a time where you can complete the challenge together. 

30. Go out for ice cream

Keep it simple, and go grab some ice cream. This is also a great opportunity to try a new flavor or mix up an ice cream for each other. 

mom and daughter at the beach | FatCamera from Getty Images Signature via Canva.com
Photo credit: FatCamera from Getty Images Signature via Canva.com

31. Hang out at the beach or a park

Relax on the beach or spend some time hanging out at a local park. You can even turn your visit into a picnic date as mentioned above. 

32. Visit your local farmer’s market

Check out your local farmer’s market and try some new products from vendors in attendance.

33. Try Painting With a Twist

You can purchase a Twist at Home Paint Kit that includes everything you need to enjoy your own Painting With a Twist Experience right at home. Don’t forget to bring something to sip and something to snack on. You’ll also want to create a playlist to use during your date. 

34. Go on a couponing excursion

Spending some quality time while saving money certainly doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Consider going on a couponing adventure together. Afterwards, you can unload your stock pile and discuss some of your biggest wins from the experience.

35. Take a trip to the library or your local bookstore

This is a great Mother-Daughter date idea for bookworms. You can hang out at your local library or bookstore enjoying your favorite book. If there’s a café, you can even enjoy a light snack or lunch while you’re there.  

36. Visit a local museum

Whether you’re visiting an art museum, a hands-on science museum, or any other type of museum, this is a great opportunity to learn something new while spending some quality time. 

37. Rearrange a room in your house

Is there a room in your home that you’ve been thinking about changing up? Maybe you can work together on this project allowing both of you to contribute your own ideas to the space. 

38. Have a game night

Game nights are a ton of fun, and are very versatile. You can pull out your favorite board games or video games, come up with your own games, or do a mix of all these things. Don’t forget to bring some drinks and snacks!

39. Get your hair done

Visit the salon together for a little TLC. You can chat while your hair is being styled and just enjoy the pampering. 

40. Watch old family videos

Revisit some of your favorite moments from the past by watching old home videos. If you can find some old videos of yourself as a child, you should definitely consider playing a couple for your daughter to see. I am sure she will get a kick out of watching you as a child. 

41. Check out a sporting event in your town

Are you into baseball? Maybe basketball is more your thing? Or perhaps you like to watch a good soccer match? Whatever the case may be, you can turn one of your favorite sporting events into a date. Wear your favorite team gear and bring some cash for concessions. This is a wonderful way to create new memories together.

42. Visit an Escape Room

Challenge your mind as you work together to unlock your Escape Room before the time runs out!

43. Go on a scavenger hunt

You can create your own scavenger hunt, try out an organized local scavenger hunt, or even find some ideas online. You will have tons of fun as you go on a quest and learn more about your surroundings.  

44. Drive through your old neighborhood

Take a trip down memory lane and drive through a neighborhood you grew up in. You can tell some of your favorite stories from your childhood giving your opportunity to learn more about you and your life before becoming a Mom.

45. Mini Golf

Mini golf is always a fun idea for a date. You can even use this opportunity to have a little friendly competition. 

46. Have a Photoshoot

Get cute, find some cool backdrops or a stunning location in your city, and have a photoshoot. Not only will you get some awesome photos to add to your photo album, but you will be creating wonderful memories in the process. 

You don’t even need professional photography equipment to get some nice shots. You can simply use your cell phone and a tripod

47. Try some trivia

If you are not interested in doing a full blown game night as mentioned above, you can simply do a couple rounds of trivia. You can purchase a trivia board game or just pull up some Trivia videos on YouTube

48. Create something together

Try a home improvement building project, sew a new outfit, or use any other creative idea you have in mind. The idea here is that you work together to create the finished product. 

49. Visit an aquarium

Take a trip to your local aquarium to enjoy some “under the sea” fun. 

50. Check out a new attraction in your town

Is there a new attraction in your town? Go check it out, and share your experience in a review. 

51. Play “Never Have I Ever”

“Never Have I Ever” is a great way to learn more about one another. Feel free to use our handy dandy list of Never Have I Ever questions

52. Build a fort

This goes back to the concept of working together to create something. You can build a fort and then spend sometime hanging out inside of it for a cozy Mother-Daughter Date. 

53. Play hide-and-seek

Hang out at home and play hide-and-seek inside the house or even in your yard. 

54. Have a jump roping contest

If you are looking for a more active date idea, try having a jump roping contest. The winner can pick dinner for the night or choose the next movie to watch as a family. 

55. Go for a walk

Go for a walk in your neighborhood or at your local park. This is a great way to get some exercise in while spending some quality time together. 

56. Make slime or play-doh

There’s something about that ooey-gooey slime that kids just can’t get enough of. So why not include this in your date? If you’re not a huge fan of slime, you can choose to make play-doh instead. You can make a variety of scents and colors, and really use this as an opportunity to flex your creativity. 

57. Meditate

Wind down and take a much-needed break by taking some time out to just meditate. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, you both can benefit greatly from the experience. 

you are loved sidewalk chalk art | crystal Bolin Photography from Getty Images Signature via Canva.com
Photo credit: crystal Bolin Photography from Getty Images Signature via Canva.com

58. Use chalk to draw on the sidewalk

Unleash that inner child and join your daughter in a chalk therapy session. You can be as creative as you like. 

59. Try Mother-Daughter Journaling

You can purchase a Mother-Daughter Keepsake Journal filled with engaging prompts. Or you can make your own, and follow your own path for journaling.  

60. Stargaze

No need to put in any extra effort for this activity. If the weather permits, you can grab a blanket and spend an evening under the stars. 

61. Go swimming

Swimming is a low-impact sport that also happens to be a ton of fun. So pull out your bathing suits and swim gear and enjoy a swim session together. 

62. Visit local open houses

Whether you are actively house shopping or not, visiting open houses can really be a lot of fun. It can also give you some ideas for your future or current home. 

63. Create a Scrapbook

Document your adventures in a specially designed Scrapbook. You can use a Scrapbook kit or piece it all together using crafting objects around the house. 

64. Fly kites

If the weather allows, why not grab your kites for an outdoor Mother-daughter activity?

65. Complete a puzzle

Solving a puzzle together is a very special bonding activity, and it can be adapted to your level of skill, time, and patience. 

66. Try out a science experiment

Educational and experimental mother-daughter dates are a win-win. You get to spend some quality time with your child and you both get to learn something new or complete an experiment that you’ve never before tried

67. Start a garden

This date idea is perfect for the spring when many of us are preparing our yards for the warmer weather. Schedule an afternoon where you can start or reset your own garden. You can even work together to choose what flowers and plants you’d like to grow. 

68. Visit an arcade

You can literally have hours of fun at an arcade, and I am sure kids will agree. Consider having your next mother-daughter date at a local arcade to add some excitement to your schedule. 

69. Take your daughter to work

If your job allows, bring your daughter along for a day at work. This is a great opportunity for your child to learn more about what you do for a living. It is also a way to squeeze in some time together in the midst of a busy schedule. 

70.  Play Glow in the Dark Charades

Add a fun little twist to a traditional game of charades. Tape a few glow sticks or glow-in-the-dark tape to your clothes so that you look like a stick figure with the lights out. Then turn out the lights, and let the game of charades begin! My family had an absolute blast playing this game.

71. Make a silly video

They say laughter is the best medicine, and making a silly video is a great way to treat yourself to lots of laughs. 

72. Make your own song

You don’t have to be a seasoned songwriter to pull this one off. Let your creativity fly, and create your very own song together. Who knows? It may turn out to be the next hit. 

73. Try a new food

Whether you whip up the meal yourself or try an unfamiliar platter at a local restaurant, this is the perfect opportunity to share a new experience with your child. 

74. Recreate a Pinterest Hairstyle on each other

Do you have a few hairstyles saved on Pinterest? If so, maybe now is a good time to try recreating those styles. You can even let your daughter try recreating a hairstyle on you. 

75. Play truth or dare

Truth or Dare is a classic game that can be adapted to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. To get started, you can check out our list of mom-approved truth or dare ideas

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