The Benefits of Monthly Science Kits for Kids: A MEL Science Review

by Briana Marie
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Monthly science kits are a fun and educational way to engage children in scientific exploration whether you’re homeschooling or just looking for an exciting educational activity.

And since science is something we really enjoy in my household, I wanted to take advantage of a monthly science kit subscription as a special treat. So, we started using MEL Science kits as they had such an interesting variety of experiments to try.

After experiencing these kits ourselves, I figured now would be a good time to share my honest review of MEL Science.

So let’s talk about it.

Kids playing with MEL Science Kits photo credit: MEL Science
Photo credit: MEL Science

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Benefits of Monthly Science Kits for Kids

First things first, let’s discuss a few of the benefits of monthly science kits for kids. These benefits are actually part of the reason why I decided to even make the investment in a science kit subscription box.

1. Promoting problem-solving skills: By engaging in hands-on experiments and activities, children are encouraged to think critically, analyze data, and find solutions to scientific challenges. These skills are actually really important life skills.

2. Enhancing scientific knowledge: Through interactive experiments, children can learn about various scientific concepts, principles, and phenomena, helping them to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

3. Encouraging creativity: Science kits often include open-ended activities that stimulate imagination and creativity. This allows children to think outside the box and explore alternative approaches to problem-solving.

4. Hands-on learning experience: Experiments included in the monthly science kits give children the opportunity to directly interact with materials, making learning more engaging and memorable. I personally feel like getting hands-on experience is one of the best ways to learn.

5. Long-term engagement with scientific concepts: With monthly subscriptions, kids can continue exploring NEW scientific topics and build upon their knowledge over time.

MEL Science Review

Alright, the part you’ve been waiting for- my honest review of MEL Science Kits.

A little bit about the company, MEL Science is a provider of monthly science kits for kids that offer a unique and very hands-on experience. Some features I love about their science kits include:

Age-appropriate experiments

MEL Science designs experiments that are fit for different age groups so that children can learn and have fun at their own pace. My 9-year-old and 12-year-old don’t necessarily have to do the same types of science projects which is great. They also had VERY unique experiments available which was awesome!

High-quality materials

The kits include all the necessary materials and chemicals, along with clear instructions, ensuring safe and enjoyable experimentation. I’m also not running around the store trying to find items the kids need to complete their experiments.

Interactive app

MEL Science provides access to a mobile app with step-by-step instructions, 3D simulations, and additional scientific information to support the learning process which is a MAJOR help as sometimes we get a little confused during our experiments. They even have VR lessons!

One thing I would like is to be able to purchase a specific box outside of the subscription. If they DO have this option, I did not notice it. But it would be great to just grab a specific box of our choice as some experiments my kids wanted to do again with a friend.

Wrapping Up

You can check out our firsthand experience with MEL Science kits on our Instagram account HERE to get a glimpse into a few of the different projects we’ve tried.

But overall, we love these science kits. They’re honestly a ton of fun. And if you can make it fit into your budget, it’s definitely worth giving a try.


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