What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something, but the verb mindfulness can be quite flexible. The ability to remain mindful of your finances could possibly help decrease stress and improve your overall health. Stability can play a major factor in one’s mental health, read on to uncover more details!


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Inhale Finance

Breathe in and absorb all you can on finance. Knowledge is power, and knowledge is also the key to unlocking financial wellness. Having keen insight on all-things money can help prevent impulsive or emotional habits that may conflict with your goals.

Challenge yourself to expand your grasp on financial literacy and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who may have more experience or might be more knowledgeable than you with money. Getting financial advice from someone who may have more insight on finance could help you with planning, and future decision making.

 Learn about side hustles as a way to earn a second income and remember to keep an open mind. The pandemic showed the world how important it is to be able to pivot and establish some ground footing in the event of any unfortunate financial circumstances, and nearly one-third of Americans hit the ground running. According to Smarts: 31% of Americans started a side hustle in the year 2020.


Journal Your Financial Habits

Tackling your finances head-on can always seem daunting at first, but knowing is half the battle. Financial tracking can help you remain vigilant and always give you the birds-eye view of your spending and saving habits. 

There are plenty of ways to journal and track your spending, whether it’s getting an app on your phone, making a budget, purchasing an organizer or financial journal. Track your credit and create easy but somewhat challenging financial goals for yourself to achieve and continue to update these goals. These financial habits can improve your overall money mindfulness and potentially benefit you in the long run.


Exhale Debt

Breathe out and release the financial restraints put in place in your life. Debt can have so many mental and physical effects on an individual. It creates stress and is an overall hindrance to one’s life. 

Take the time out to unsubscribe from brands and apps you no longer use or support. Consolidate your debt. Reduce your spending on things that do not directly advance your success, and don’t be afraid to tackle your debt head-on. Take small steps to pay back your debt that feel manageable for you and your financial situation. Debt can be scary but it’s important to get a handle on it.


Practice Patience

The road to success could be quick for some, but for others, it may take some more time. Do not allow that to discourage your efforts. Try to keep in mind that for most, it’s important to note that your financial situation will not change overnight. You have to consistently do the work. 

For some, this may create burnout. Take rest days for personal self-care and mental health. Learn about meditation and its benefits for the body, soul and mind. Find your peace, practice patience but do not allow it to cloud your overall judgment in decision making. Trust your instincts at all times, know when to play it safe or when it’s time to take a chance.


Take Risks

Nothing in life comes without a challenge, so don’t allow yourself to fall victim to becoming stagnated and stunting your growth. Invest into yourself. Now might be the time to learn about investing. Take a deep dive into stocks and crypto, or maybe take a chance and invest in yourself. 

If you’ve been dying to kick-start a passion project, but finances have kept you from taking the leap, consider a personal loan. This could be used to improve your credit score exponentially while starting off your project, or even to consolidate debt. Personal loans can help you keep your finances in check instead of putting expenses on a credit card. Investing in yourself is a sure-fire way to multiply your income when done properly.


Accept Your Path

Learn what you must to remain mindful with your finances and move forward with trust in yourself and what you can achieve. Inhale finance, exhale debt. Track your spending and practice patience but don’t forget to take risks. Make your money work for you, financial mindfulness can improve your quality of life.


  • Briana Marie is a mental health and financial literacy advocate, and founder of Major League Mommy. In her spare time, Briana enjoys yoga, travel, and spending time with her Husband and two daughters.

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