Once a midriff-baring, bikini-loving young gal, I have now taken an interest in modest swimwear for my shapely figure.

Whether I am poolside with the family or hanging out at the beach, I love to wear a cute swimsuit that I feel comfortable in. However, it can be difficult to find a nice piece of swimwear that checks off comfort, coverage, quality, and style.

At times I felt like I was asking for a bit too much looking for a swimsuit that met ALL of my requirements.

Modest swimwear

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This led to me sticking to the same ol’ one-piece swimsuit that I had been wearing for years.

That is, until I discovered a swimwear company that designed full swimsuits that checked off everything on my list PLUS a few extra features I never knew I needed!

Lyra’s modest swimwear is high-quality and absolutely perfect for Moms like myself, who take a more modest approach to their swim attire.

Like, seriously. . . you don’t have to look like the awkward one at the pool fully clothed and avoiding the water at all costs.


Navy Blue Swim HijabFlattering and Attractive Swimwear

The swimsuits at Lyra are highly flattering and look super high-fashion. With a wide variety of stylish and comfortable swim tops, swim leggings, sarongs, detachable skirts and swim caps – you will seriously be looking forward to your next visit to the pool or beach.

The best part is, this swimwear is weather-appropriate so that you don’t have to melt under the sun for the sake of being covered up.

This modest swimwear line is a dream come true for women like me, and I am super excited to share it with my fellow Mommas.

You can check out Lyra’s full swimwear line for yourself. I have also included a few images below.

I hope this post helps ease your swimwear anxiety and gets you excited about that next waterside adventure. Happy Shopping!

Modest swimwear
Modest swimwear
Modest swimwear


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