How to Manifest Money That Flows Without Constant Effort

by Briana Marie
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Have you ever wished you had a steady stream of money coming in without constantly laboring to achieve it?

The idea of manifesting money that flows without constant effort may seem like something out of your reach. It may even seem like a mere fairy tale.

But the truth is, it is totally possible to do exactly that with a bit of determination, dedication and alignment with your vision of the future.

In this blog post, I’ll share more about the process of manifesting money without constant effort so that you can start creating the life of your dreams.

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4 Tips for Manifesting Money With Ease

Creating a Vision of Abundance

The key to successful manifestation is to start with a clear vision for what you want.

This will ensure that you can focus on what you’re aiming for, and that your energy is aligned with your goals.

If you don’t have a clear vision of your future, you will not be able to take the steps necessary to create it.

So, start by creating a vision for yourself. Visualize the life you want to experience with abundance and financial flow.

What kind of lifestyle do you want to have?

What kind of people do you want to have around you?

Using Vision Boards

One powerful way to manifest more money is to create a vision board.

Vision boards are used to establish a clear, achievable goal and help you focus on it.

Visualize what success looks like to you, then make a board that’s filled with images and affirmations that pertain to that goal.

There are many ways to create this “board”. Many people use the traditional poster board method. However, I actually create a vision board video (which can be done in app an app like Canva or Capcut).

This board serves as a reminder of what you’re working towards and can be a powerful tool to help you reach your goal.

Use this vision to keep you motivated along the way and to help you craft a plan that is aligned with your goals.

Trust the Flow of Money

Once you have your vision, the next step is trusting that it is possible to manifest that reality.

Continually think of money as a force that is constantly flowing into your life.

You can control it by circulating it in a way that is aligned with your vision. You want to use your money in a way that continues to attract more of it back to you.

Start by generating money from a source that is reliable and steady.

For example, if you know you have an expected stream of income coming in, you can use that to start growing your wealth.

If you don’t yet have a steady stream of income, no worries! You can find alternate sources of income.

Make a list of all the skill sets you possess, and consider the different ways you can use those skills to bring in some money.

And since we’re talking about manifesting money that flows without constant effort, look at the ways you can use those skills to generate PASSIVE INCOME.

Pro Tip: NEVER put all your eggs in one basket! Even if you have a steady stream of income, you should supplement it with other sources like one of these side hustles ideas.

By being open to receiving money and trusting in the flow of it, you will be welcoming more of it into your life.

Tune into Your Beliefs

Your beliefs are ultimately what are guiding you to manifest money (or not).

Check-in with yourself regularly and assess whether you have any limiting beliefs that are preventing you from seeing abundance in your life.

You may not even be aware of these beliefs, but they could be standing in your way.

Identifying these beliefs and taking steps to replace them with more empowering ones will set you on the path to manifesting money without effort.

Two of my favorite ways to break through limiting beliefs is through meditation and the use of affirmations. But these aren’t the only ways to overcome limiting beliefs! So I encourage you to find the methods that work best for you.

Oftentimes, changing your environment and stepping back from all the noise in the media can be enough to rid yourself of limiting beliefs.

But again, find what works best for you. And be patient with yourself as it can be very challenging to overcome beliefs you’ve held on to for so long.

Lastly, always remember to show gratitude for the money you DO have, as well as for the money that is incoming.

Focus on Action

We can’t talk about manifesting money without discussing the concept of TAKING ACTION.

Manifesting money that flows without constant effort is not about sitting around and just waiting for everything to come to you.

There is still work that needs to be done! (Both internal and external).

Focus on the things that you can do to create an environment that is suitable for the vision you have for yourself.

What habits can you create that are aligned with the type of person you wish to be?

What are some things in your environment that you can change to be aligned with your goals?

Are there people or possessions you are keeping around that no longer serve you?

These are just a few of the things to consider as you build out your action plan.

Wrapping Up

Manifesting money with ease requires consistency, dedication, and an open mind, but if you put in the work and remain optimistic, you can definitely achieve your goal!

Before you know it, you will have money flowing into your bank account and your wallet even while you’re sleeping at night.

By using these strategies, you can start to manifest money that flows without constant effort asap.


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