Fun and Unique LEGO Themed Birthday Party Ideas

by Briana Marie
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Are you looking to plan a memorable and fun LEGO themed birthday party? Major League Mommy has got you covered!

We have gathered some unique and exciting LEGO party ideas that are sure to be a huge hit!

So let’s get to it.

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First things first, we can’t get the party started without sending out the invitations.

If you’re planning a LEGO themed birthday party, there are plenty of invitation ideas that you can use to set the tone for the big day and get all the guests super excited.

One great idea is to create custom LEGO bricks out of colored cardstock or construction paper and use them as the base for your invitations.

Another option is to design invitations that look like mini LEGO sets or incorporate LEGO minifigures into the design.

And don’t forget about incorporating LEGO puns or phrases into the wording for a fun touch.

If DIYing it is not your thing, you should definitely check out all the unique LEGO party invitations on Etsy!


Start by setting the scene with LEGO-themed decorations such as brick-patterned tablecloths, LEGO block balloons, and a LEGO brick piñata. Use brightly colored plates, cups, and napkins to add to the festive atmosphere.

To make your planning easier, we have included some of the best LEGO decorations on Amazon below to help you transform your party space into the ultimate LEGO world.

DIY LEGO Themed Decorations

If you want to go the DIY route, consider using Lego bricks and figures to create fun and colorful decorations for the party.

Build a Lego wall, create a Lego centerpiece for the table, or make a Lego backdrop which can also be used as the photo booth.

Make sure you head on over to our LEGO Party Pinterest Board for even more DIY decoration ideas!

LEGO decorations kit
Building Block Decorations Kit

Set includes:
-1 Cake topper
-3pcs banners
-5 green balloons
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Building block popcorn boxes
Building Block Popcorn Boxes

12 party favor boxes

LEGO gift bags
Building Block Party Favor Bags

12 pcs total
-3 red bags
-3 green bags
-3 yellow bags
-3 blue bags

building block centerpieces
Building Block Table Decorations

Set includes:
-7 honeycomb decorations
-3 standing cardboard decorations

building block candles
Building Block Candles

Set includes:
-2 red candles
-2 blue candles
-2 orange candles
-2 green candles


If you’re throwing a LEGO birthday party, you’ll definitely want to incorporate some LEGO-themed food ideas!

You could make LEGO block-shaped ice cubes, and serve up some colorful “brick” candy that looks like LEGO blocks.

For a healthy option, consider serving fruit kabobs with colorful fruit like strawberries, pineapple, and blueberries.

You could even have a build-your-own LEGO pizza station, where guests can add their favorite LEGO-shaped toppings to their own personal mini pizza.

Lastly, you know we can’t forget the cake! Create a Lego-themed cake with colorful bricks and characters. Use fondant to create 3D Lego figures and shapes on top of the cake.


Build Your Own Mini-Figures Station

Set up a station where party-goers can create their own Lego mini-figures. Provide a variety of Lego pieces, body parts, and accessories so that each child can customize their mini-figure to their liking.

Lego Building Contests

Have a building contest where teams have to build the tallest tower, the longest bridge or the most creative structure. Award prizes for the winners!

Lego Photo Booth

Create a Lego-themed photo booth with fun props and backdrops. Guests will love taking photos with their customized mini-figures and Lego creations.

Pin the Head on the Lego Man

A fun twist on a classic party game, pin the head on the Lego man will have your guests laughing and having a great time.

Lego Scavenger Hunt

Hide different Lego pieces around the party space and have your guests search for them. Once all pieces are found, have everyone put them together to create a special creation.

Lego Cake and Cupcake Decorating

Set up a table with plain cupcakes and a Lego-decorated cake. Provide different color frosting and Lego-themed decorations so that guests can create their own Lego cupcake or add to the Lego cake.

A Theme Within a Theme?

If you really want to spice things up, you can create a theme within the LEGO theme. Here are a few ideas to help kickstart your planning:

  • Movie night
  • Pajama Party
  • Game Night
  • Olympics
  • Camping
  • Number-themed (centered around the age of the birthday kid)

Concluding Your Party

We always recommend sending your guests with a “Thank you” gift at the end of your party. For party favors, send each child home with a mini LEGO set or a bag of LEGO-shaped candy.

With these LEGO party ideas, your child’s birthday party is sure to be a building block success!

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